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How To Get A Perfect Six-Pack of Abs ASAP

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     Fitness Tips For 10/18/2011

Best Ab Exercise for Six Pack Abs

What's the best exercise for six pack abs?

We've all heard that the best exercises for abs is sit ups and leg 

But the problem with these exercises is that sit ups and leg raises 
really use the psoas muscle of the upper thigh, and only work the 
abs secondarily.

The abs help pull your upper body forward and also help in raising 
your legs upward, but their primary function is to act stabilizers.

Because that is their main function that is how we should exercise
them. This is a contraction rather then a movement exercise.

Here's how you do it... 

Sit on the floor with your knees bent and your feet flat on the 
floor about 10-12 inches away from your body. Lean your torso 
forward and tuck your chin on your upper chest.

Keep your torso concave and slowly lean back while holding onto 
the outsides of your knees until your arms are straight. Now let go
of your knees and slowly raise your arms until they are pointing 
up over your head.

Hold this position for 10 seconds, rest 10 seconds and then repeat.
Work up to a high number of 10 second contractions.

It much harder then it sounds as you will see.

Do this three times a week for a few weeks and you will notice a big
Difference in your abs as far as definition and tightness.

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Best Ab Exercise for Six Pack Abs

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