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     Fitness Tips For 1/6/2016

Best Exercise for Big Biceps

Chin-Ups for Big Biceps The common tool for training the biceps is the curl and the curl does work the biceps well. But there is another even more basic tool for the biceps Ė the chin-up. The chin-up is a super tool for working on the biceps. The chin up is a challenging movement because you have to heft all of your bodyweight with your arms. But this is the seminal area to work on your biceps. One trainer pointed out that you shouldn't start on curls until you had mastered chin-ups. And what is that? Being able to pump out several repetitions for several sets of the chin up. Full ROM To get the most out of the chin-up you need to employ a full range of motion. This translates into going all the way down and all the way up on each repetition. For the bottom half of the chin up, your arms should be stretched all the way out. Many tend to stop only part of the way down, and of course this only develops part of the muscle. You need a full stretch of the arms. On the upstroke you want to get your chin over the bar. Not to the bar, but over the bar. So donít stop short but get the full repetition in, and do so on every repetition. Some people may not be able to get in many chin ups at first (especially the full ROM chin up) but do what you can initially, and then work each session to add a rep or two here and there. As you add the reps your biceps will benefit from it. Perform several sets of chin ups, with just a minimal rest between sets (60 seconds) and you will get a great pump as well as very real strength. And that is one of the best benefits for your arms - chin-ups will take your biceps to another level of strength. Note: For more information checkout Old School Arm Building Secrets

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Best Exercise for Big Biceps

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