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     Fitness Tips For 12/12/2012

Best Time to Work Out

Bringing yourself to workout is often an almost impossible feet. If 
you've had a long day at work, or are feeling under the weather, 
travelling to a gym or your private weight room to lift large pieces
of metal around repeatedly and break a sweat really doesn't seem all 
that appealing. Maybe you'd have had more energy first thing in the 
morning? Maybe you should give it a couple of hours? Timing your 
workouts can not only greatly affect how you feel about doing them, 
but also how much energy you have and how productive the training is
as a result.

Many people train first thing in the morning. This works quite well 
for a variety of reasons  firstly yo're reenergised from your 
night's sleep (though you may not feel it), secondly the rush of 
endorphins will help get you through the day in a positive and 
healthy manner, and finally it means you can relax when you get home.

The problems with training first thing in the morning however include
the fact that you'll take a while to wake up, really won't feel like 
it at the time, reserves of energy and carbs will be low, and you are
more likely to hurt your back as it's softer first thing. If you do 
train in the morning, then be sure to give yourself at least ten 
minutes to wake up first, do some light stretches and have yourself 
a cup of strong coffee. Then follow this up with a hot shower to 
stimulate the release of growth hormone and maximise on the good 
work you've done in the gym.

Training during the day really has no particular strengths or 
benefits. It does represent a big chunk of time out of whatever 
you're doing, but at the same time if you work at a computer for 
example it can be a welcome and reinvigorating break. If you train 
at 4pm this also has interesting strengths and benefits as 4 is the
time our bodies have the east energy as dictated by our body clocks. 
Training then may be more difficult, but should also help power you
through a low point in the day.

Personally though I train at night  not straight after work when 
I'm tired, but right before bed. Many people will recommend strongly 
against this, saying that it will lead to difficulties sleeping and 
that you're more likely to put it off. For me though, it means that 
I can wait until I've achieved everything I want to achieve that 
day and finish off with something proactive. Personally the calm 
feeling in my muscles overrides any endorphin high and I have no 
trouble sleeping. Furthermore, sleep is when we are at our most 
anabolic and so sleeping after a workout will help capitalise on 
your good work and build muscle.

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Best Time to Work Out

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