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     Fitness Tips For 6/5/2012

Best Workout for Leg Mass

Need New Leg Growth?  Enter the Pain Zone.  Here is how...

Are you one of those guys on a "Mens Magazine Pretty Boy" workout 

Do you ever expect to get any gains in the leg department?

Not going to happen, Mr. GQ.

Do you want bigger legs? The kind of quads that jump off your femur
bone when you walk.  The kind of hamstrings that look like slabs of
meat about to fall off when you plant your foot to flex your calve 
muscle.  Well read on my friend and get ready to enter the Pain Zone.

Your leg workouts must push you into the pain zone.  New leg growth 
requires physical and mental pain.  Squats being the #1 exercise for
your leg workout, with any 'easier variation' only being used as 
needed.  The Pain Zone here will be achieved when your traps are 
actually burning from the barbell that you have been holding across
your back, this is usually the result of a high rep set.  I am 
talking about hitting one of those famous and time proven 20 rep 
sets.  With a maximal weight mind you.  Bust out 10 reps, pause and 
breathe, bust out 5 more, pause and breathe, bust out 3 more, pause 
and breathe, bust out 2 more.  Then, if you are not seeing stars 
yet, bust out as many 'singles' as you can with the pause\breathe 

Another way to get into the Pain Zone is with our old friend the 
leg press, or hack squat machine.  However, lets greet our old 
friend in a 'new' way.

Take a reasonable amount of weight that pushes you to your limit 
for 15 reps.  Now leave your legs firmly on the leg press platform
(or keep standing on a hack squat machine).

Take 10 breaths.  Now perform another 5 - 7 reps.  Breath again for
10 breaths, and repeat another 5 - 7 reps.  Continue in this manner 
until you have done a total of 5 sets (6 or 7 sets if super 
ambitious).  This type of leg training will give you a whole new 
outlook on the Pain Zone needed for leg growth.

With some kind of squat and some type of leg press (or hack squat) 
out of the way ... a good finish to this Pain Zone workout is leg 
extensions and leg curls.  Go 4 sets on each, resting 1 minute in 
between.  Get atleast 8 reps on these sets or lower the weight.  

Let's not forget about those calves either.  I am sure you can 
probably figure that they need to enter the Pain Zone also.  Get 
he reps up and pump out sets quickly.

Remember.  If you are not going to enter the Pain Zone on leg day 
... you might as well go play hop scotch in the parking lot of 
your gym.

-David Morrow, 40 year old bodybuilder still entering the Pain Zone

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Best Workout for Leg Mass

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