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     Fitness Tips For 9/11/2013

Pain Zone Bicep Pump Up

Bicep Pump Up

Ever hit the wall when working on your biceps? You know, that point
where you don't seem to be able to produce any more gains no matter 
what you do? Don't give up. There is a particular way to forge 
forward that can set your biceps on fire again and you can start 
doing it in your very next workout.

How can you activate your bicep growth? One simple step is to add a 
couple of sets of curls to your routine. However, these are not 
simple curls. They are overload concentration curls. And if you 
perform them just right, they will spark new growth for more size 
and strength in the biceps.

The type and timing of these biceps curls is important. You want to 
use concentration curls, and you want to put the new sets at the end
of the routine. So after you have run through your biceps workout, 
grab a dumbbell that you can rep out eight repetitions with and take
a seat. Use a single dumbbell - don't make this a dual action set. 
This is because you want to have ultimate concentration on each bicep
these sets, something you can't get when you are performing a dual 
dumbbell exercise.

Grab the dumbbell and pump out your eight repetitions in 
concentration style action, with your working arm propped on your 
leg so that the leg acts like an angled preacher bench. Use a weight 
that is heavy enough so that the final repetition is all you can do 
in good form. But don't stop there. Instead, reach over with your 
free hand, place it under the back of your hand, and assist your 
working arm in pumping out three more curls.

Add just enough assistance to the arm so that each curl makes a 
complete range of motion. Focus on keeping the biceps under heavy 
tension - strong enough so that the pump continues to expand in the

Once you have performed a set, work the opposite arm in the same 
manner. And then rotate to the first arm again, with virtually no 
rest between sets, and finish it off. Finally, get in the second set
on the other arm, keeping it under tension all the way.

Capping your workout off with this pair of ultimate concentration 
sets will make your biceps explode as they are forced beyond where 
they have gone before, dipping deep into the pain zone. A full range 
of motion combined with assisted pump sets is extremely tough to do 
but it will take your biceps to a new level of development so fight 
through the pain, stay focused on the working bicep, and ride the 
pump to a new high.

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Pain Zone Bicep Pump Up

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