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     Fitness Tips For 10/22/2014

Bicep Supination Curls

Turn for Burn Building muscle is typically a straight forward process tax the muscle with high intensity overload, and the muscle responds with growth. But there are some quirks in the process, and one of these lies in building of the biceps. The unique manner in which the biceps move makes it possible to attack the biceps muscles on two fronts instead of just one. You may not have ever recognized it, but the biceps are more complicated than they seem. The upside is that this can allow you to train the biceps in a new and productive manner. Dual Function The standard biceps stimulation is the straight up and down force caused by gravity and a heavy weight. But lifting the arm is not the sole manner in which to make the biceps muscles jump into action. Another way to work the biceps is via the twisting action. You can check this out for yourself by baring your arms, putting one arm at a 90 degree angle to your body, and rotating your wrist all the way around. Watch your biceps as you do this. As you rotate your wrist, even without lifting the arm up or down, the biceps moves. It jumps into action as you turn the wrist. What this means is that the biceps has a dual function not only lifting, but also turning. Not many muscles can say they can do anything similar. The biceps are one-of-a-kind in nature. Working the Other Function You can take advantage of this dual function by working on it as well as the up and down action. Everyone performs the up and down motion, but the guys who work both actions have a decided advantage. This is one reason why Arnold Schwarzenegger's biceps looked better than anyone else's. He worked both functions. He specifically worked the pronation/supination motion of the hands, which in turn worked the biceps in their turning function. So how do you train the biceps in the turning motion? Take a tip from Arnold. Arnold used dumbbells to get the right motion. He would start with the dumbbell on the floor, and with his hand facing out, palms away from the body. As he curled the dumbbell upward he would turn the dumbbell by twisting his wrist. He turned the dumbbell around so much that at the top of the move the palms were facing the exact opposite as they were at the bottom of the curl. This unique exercise wraps both the raising element and the twisting element into a single repetition, and a set makes it happen again and again. Arnold performed this twisting curl both from a bent position and a standing position. Barbell Style Twist There are a few unique barbell bars, which are built to allow you to twist the wrist as you lift the weight. There are also weight machines that allow you to twist as you raise the weight. However, the dumbbell is by far the best tool for this type of movement. Super Concentrated Twist One huge advantage of the dumbbell twist curl (a good descriptive name) is that it allows you to get super deep concentration on one bicep muscle at a time, and literally feel the muscles work as they twist. You may not have noticed this going on before, but once you do you can concentrate on really getting a good strong twist for each rep. Watch how the biceps respond. They will swell up significantly after a few of these concentrated repetitions. Once you get into the groove of the twist dumbbell curl your muscles will learn the neural pathway for this move and subsequent sets will become ever better. You will be able to zero in with super intensity and almost will the biceps to emerge larger after each session of these challenging curls. How much of this movement do you need to perform? Adding a few sets of the twisting dumbbell curl, or better yet, the twisting dumbbell concentration curl, will work great. You can add them to each workout, or have a single workout dedicated to just this style of moving the weight. Once you start using this method you will probably want to stick with it as it enhances the appearance of your biceps quite a bit. So start right away and take your arms to the next level. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Bicep Supination Curls

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