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Bicycle Crunches Good or Bad?

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 8/3/2022

Bicycle Crunches Are An Oldie, But A Goodie

Bicycle crunches have been around for decades, and I am guessing you have both done them or at least seen someone doing them.  So why and I writing a post about an exercises that has been around forever and nearly anyone who works out has done?  Well, why not?  Because something is old and worn does not mean that is ineffective.  Don't get me wrong, I highly advocate for variety, to have the most amount of exercises in your fitness toolbox as possible.  But that does not mean toss out tried and true exercises that get results.  With this said, this post is about bicycle crunches, how to do them, a few different variations of doing them, and it is short and to the point.    So keep on reading to learn more about this exercise and the variations.

The Basics of Bicycle Crunches

There is nothing fancy about bicycle crunches, but if you do them for just 1 minute straight your core will be on fire.  To do bicycle crunches you lay flat on your back.  Put your hands behind your head and alternate bringing your opposite elbow to the opposite knee.  For example, your left elbow would touch your right knee.  Bicycle crunches work your upper and lower abs as well as your obliques.  It would probably be much easier for you to just watch someone doing bicycle crunches instead of me blabbing along with directions.

[Notice his lower back stays on the ground, these can put stress and hurt your lower back.  If they do make sure to do the superman exercise to strengthen your lower back.]

Variations of Bicycle Crunches

There are a few variations you can do with bicycle crunches.  For starters your can slow down your speed which increases the difficulty because your needs to work to stabilize your core more.  Another variations would be to sit on your butt so your back is off the ground and do the bicycle crunches this way.  I would consider this a more advanced move so if you have never done these start out as the video shows.  The final variations would be to play with your leg positions from high to low.  In both cases once you start do not allow your feet to touch the ground.  Try these for a minute straight, your abs will be on fire by the end of them.

Final Thoughts On Bicycle Crunches

This is a straight to the point, short and sweet post.  You can easily add bicycle crunches with hanging leg raises, planks, and other core exercises to create one potent core workout.  Give these a try and post your thoughts below.  If you have any other variations of bicycle crunches I would love to hear about them or see them in a video. As always, the more variety you have the more fit you will become.  Give bicycle crunches a try and let me know how it goes.

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