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     Fitness Tips For 4/30/2014

How to Get Bigger Stronger Calves

Slow Ride for Super Strong Calves Do you want better calves? Bigger, stronger, more powerful? Then consider a change of pace in your calf training. Those who have experimented with the slower style training of the calves have found it to be very productive indeed. If they work them at all, most guys rush through their calf training at the end of a workout, not giving them much thought. However, by taking the training pace down to a slower movement, you can put more pressure on the calves and spark some new growth. For your next several calf training workouts, perform your calf raises in a very slow motion. Focus on getting a super deep stretch, and then come back up as high as possible, doing so very slow. And slow the return stroke as well. Slow the entire set down and watch how your calves catch on fire. Really focus on getting a deep drop in the descent of the calf raise. Many people short stroke the calves and don't get that crucial full range of motion. Since you are moving the weigh slowly, you can focus on getting down quite low and really reaching the bottom of the movement. The same holds true for the top - don't stop short of a full extension of the calves at the top. The one thing you don't want to slow down in this workout is the rest. In fact do the opposite - cut your rest time slightly. If you normally allow 60 seconds between sets of calf raises, cut that down to 45 seconds. The combination of the slow motion movement and a shorter rest period will really create a big pump in the calves. The pain in this type of training is unreal so get ready for a super burn. Perform 4-5 sets of 10-12 repetitions of the slow motion calf raise if you can. Initially you may be only able to get in 3 sets or so of this challenging exercise as the pain builds up strongly. Once you have a few workouts under your belt add one more twist - a final couple of sets performed rapidly. After the slow motion sets, finish up the calves with two sets of explosive calf raises. This is the exact opposite of the slow action - really explode the weight load upward. The explosive action works the calf muscles in an entirely new manner. Perform 10 repetitions of rapid fire calf raises with minimal rest between sets. When you mix the slow motion and the explosive, make sure to spend some time prior to the working sets on stretching the calf muscles out. Make the warm-up fairly dynamic (with a minimal weight load) so the calves are ready to go when they get the heavier working sets. This will help in the transition from the slow motion exercise to the explosive exercise. Stimulate your calves with an entirely new style of training - slow motion movement, topped off with an explosive change of pace. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
How to Get Bigger Stronger Calves

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