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     Fitness Tips For 8/5/2015

Bodybuilding Carb Cycling

What is Carb Cycling? And How to Do it Right Carb control allows you a critical tool to control your diet and in turn your body fat. Of all the major nutrients, carb control is the most vital for controlling your body fat. That's right carbs are more vital to controlling the body than is dietary fat. One way to control the carbs is via carb cycling. Carb cycling is perhaps the smartest way to handle a controlled, lower intake of carbs. It's easy to go astray here. Some people take their carbs to a minimal or almost no carb level, but that won't work for a working athlete or bodybuilder. Carbs are the primary fuel source for training so when you zero out the carbs, you zero out your fuel. A carb cycle is a much better carb control mechanism for those who need carbs for fuel. This takes the carb level down but allows you some carbs for fueling the training. And on top of the typical carb cycling diet, bodybuilders have one other factor that requires a modification at certain times they need to refuel after a workout. Therefore it is not a smart idea to be on a minimal or no carb day when you train. When you train, you need fuel before and after a workout. This means you hold the fuel issue as a priority for training sessions. The modification comes by allowing an adequate refueling after a workout even if you are on a low carb day. With carb cycling, some days you have a minimal amount of carbs (usually just some low carb vegetables) and on other days you have a higher amount of carbs. What level of carbs should you take on a low carb day? Some nutritionists recommend just 0.51.5 grams of carbs ( multiplied by your body weight). And for the other days? And 23 grams of carbs (multiplied by your body weight) on high carb days. You don't need to split the week with half of it comprised of low carb days and half comprised of higher carb days. Instead, take just a couple of low carb days a week, and preferably not on a training day. Save the higher carb days for training days, and just hit a couple of days that are low carb and let the diet play out over time. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Bodybuilding Carb Cycling

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