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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 8/9/2017

Eat Less WITHOUT Really Eating Less

Counting calories is not fun; limiting your energy intake so that you start using your own fat to survive is not easy. Below are 7 points to consider when you're cutting calories that will help you to eat less without actually eating less.

1. Preload:

Preload means that if you're going out for lunch or dinner that half-hour before you actually leave for the restaurant, you eat a snack of around 200-calories that's got a minimum of 15 grams protein.

When your gut is fully occupied digesting the satiating protein you'll get fewer hunger hormones mixing in your thoughts. The end result is that you'll consume fewer calories at any restaurant.

2. Stop before your own tank gets full.

If you picture your stomach as a gas gauge, "E" will mean you're ravenous while "F" will mean you feel satiated/famished i.e. full tank. Your objective is to stay between 3/4 and 1/2 a tank by stopping to eat before you're famished but stopping when satisfied, and not stuffed.

3. Chew on it.

You've no doubt heard it from your mom a thousand times: Chew every bite 40 times. Believe it or not there's actually solid science behind it. In one study showed that men who chomped on each bite 40 times ate 12% less than those in a control group that chewed every bite 12 times. Researchers now conclude that chewing longer before you swallow will speed up the release of your gut hormones that are directly linked to feeling satiated.

4. Eat like you're a restaurant critic.

If you chew your food you get time to think about the texture, the flavour, and the smell of the food you're eating. This will give your gut hormones time to be released and tell you that's enough food.

5. Plan grocery trips.

Don't shop when you're hungry. A study published in JAMA Internal Medicine reports that hungry shoppers just load their shopping carts with high calorie foods.

6. Buy new dinnerware.

According to the International Journal of Obesity the average size of a U.S. dinner plate has been increased by 23% in the last 100 years, so have waistlines! The fix: If you eat from plates that have a thick and wide or coloured rim, your smaller portions will look larger making the plate look fuller.

7. Beware of empty calories:

If you prepare your own food you'll know that frying will increase the calorie count, boiling or grilling your food will add zero calories. All sugar is empty calories that just pumps out too much insulin and makes you hungry again in an hour or less.

When we eat out at a restaurant we need to be conscious that "our eyes are bigger than our stomachs" really does apply here when we consider the mega portions offered at restaurants.

When loading your plate, you're relying on the food you see to how much your portion of food is. Often it's a lot more than we can or should eat. Taking a step back and controlling the portions you put on your dinner plate will make a big difference to your weight control.

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