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Bodybuilding Fat Loss Tips

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I finished my two week "Get Lean Quick" program. My first week I lost 15 lbs, second week 10 lbs, a total 25 lb loss. I was 220 lbs and went to 195 lbs, I am 58 yrs 5' 10" tall. The program was very easy to follow, and I did not have to starve myself. Thanks for your help and guidance, you have always taken the time to answer all my emails. I will continue to keep the fat off. This program has taught me important info on nutrition and exercise.

Thank you!

Mike G.

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 12/23/2020

7 Fat Loss Tip for Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding Fat Loss Tips

1.  Awareness is far more important to fat loss than diet or exercise.  Most people are unconscious when they eat and everyone is unconscious when overeating.  Practicing and increasing awareness before and during food consumption will have a dramatic effect on what and how much you eat.

2.  Everyone can lose weight.  If you do the work, you will reap the rewards.  This one is not really a secret but it is worth thinking about.  Losing weight is a hard, life-long task.  Feeling hopeful is important.  The truth is you can do it if you do the work.  I invite you to join thousands of others on the weight loss journey and lose fat fast with cardiovascular exercise.  It has more rewards than you can imagine.

3.  Spirituality is often a significant factor in weight gain and can be just as important in sustained fat loss.  Spirituality (a relationship with a Divine Power) is natural and necessary to the human condition.  Spiritual deprivation is often confused with hunger and causes the dieter to substitute food for spirituality.

4.  Most people who are chronically 25 or more pounds overweight are food addicts.  Understanding your eating patterns as addiction instead of problems with self-discipline or will power will redirect you towards more productive solutions.

5.  Food addiction is more difficult to manage and/or recover from than substance or alcohol addiction.  You can survive without alcohol or heroin but you must eat everyday.  You cannot abstain from food.  Food addiction is the only addiction that must be managed by limited contact with the addictive substance.

6. Lack of self-esteem is a major factor in food addiction and sustained fat loss is almost impossible without it.  Low self-esteem causes many painful and often unmanageable emotions.  Food addicts eat to kill these emotions.  Self-love releases the addict from the destructive emotional cycle that causes overeating.  Even great diets are doomed to fail if they do not include attention to self-esteem and self-love.

7.  Every dieter will ultimately fail the sustained fat loss test, unless he/she learns to identify and manage the inner causes of overeating.  Anyone who wants to change anything in their lives must pay attention to this reality and its messages and guidance.  Individuals and diet programs that ignore this fact will be consistently frustrated in their fat loss attempts.  However, the good news is that those who pay attention will be highly successful and will tend to sustain fat loss over greater periods of time.

          If you have read this far you are aware that these fat loss principles can be tough.  You may be tempted to go for the fad diet, jazzy exercise, or magic pill that offers you a quick and easy solution.  But in your heart you know that those programs are mostly half-truths and some are blatant lies.  You are better off with a plan or a guide that tells you the truth.  This will make you stronger and more successful.  Go for it!

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