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Pumped Extreme Review

Hi, my name is Frank Perri and I am 5 ft 1 and now 
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Frank Perri

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     Fitness Tips For 6/18/2014

Bodybuilding Hamstring Training

Halfway Hamstring Work Ask a strength and conditioning trainer for some help on building up your hamstrings and they will often refer you to training the hamstrings with the stiff leg deadlift. And the stiff leg deadlift is a great tool for stressing the hamstrings – check out how they burn after a stiff leg deadlift workout. If you use a challenging weight load, the hamstrings definitely get a great workout. You can make the workout even better by knowing the right range of motion for performing the lift when targeting the hamstrings. First of all, there is no reason to go all the way down if your aim is working the hamstrings. The hamstrings receive a full stretch when you have the bar at shin level. The rest of the drop, which many guys go ahead and perform, only stretches out the back and other muscles and doesn't really involve the hamstrings at that point. When you perform the stiff leg deadlift with the goal of building bigger and more powerful hamstrings, you only need to lower the bar until it is roughly at mid-shin level. You can actually feel the hamstrings work in the range from the top of the lift down to the mid-shin level, at which point they have maximum involvement and anything further doesn’t really do anything for them. So if your aim is to "hit the hammies" hard with some stiff leg deadlift action, all you need to do is the 3/4 range action to do that. Staying in the 3/4 range will help in another way – keeping the tension on the hamstrings instead of partially off-loading the tension at the bottom of a full range movement. How many sets? If you are using the stiff leg deadlinft as part of a group of exercises for the hamstrings, then 3-4 sets of 8-10 repetitions is sufficient. However, if you are employing the stiff leg deadlift as a standalone exercise for building up your hamstrings, increase the set range to 5-6 sets for the workout. Don't do this on your first time out (2-3 sets will do) but after a couple of stiff leg deadlift sessions, take the workload up to 5-6 sets and get your hamstrings growing strong. When you use the stiff leg deadlift as a hamstring building tool, use a 3/4 range for the best results. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Bodybuilding Hamstring Training

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