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Bodybuilding Creating an Illusion of Size

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 8/15/2018

How to Look Like You've Gained 10 Pounds of Muscle by Losing Fat

There are a couple of tricks to quickly change your body. One of these is to improve your posture, which makes your entire body look better. The other is to lose fat.

Fat & the Illusion

Vince Gironda often pointed out the ability of the body to create certain illusions and fat loss is the primary tool he noted was able to do this. For example, a 17 inch arm looks much bigger on someone with a 32 inch waist than it does on someone with a 40 inch waist. There is a contrasting element at work here, and the trimmer you are in areas like the waist and glutes, the bigger the rest of your body looks.

What this means is that if you lose some weight, you automatically look more muscular. Your muscles appear bigger than before because there is now less fat on the body. So the quickest way to appear to gain 10 pounds of rock solid muscle is to lose 10 pounds of fat. You don't appear to lose that fat - you really lose it.

That fat will mostly come off the waist, hip and glute areas, and the rest of your body will in turn seem to swell with size. Your V shape will look better and so to will your extremities. Then, any more muscle you build on top of this will look even bigger. It works in an exponential manner in which your muscles keep appearing to get bigger and bigger as you lose more fat. That's why trim bodybuilders look so much better than bodybuilders who carry a bit too much fat around. Taking 10 pounds of fat off also will greatly benefit your health as well. So enjoy the double benefits of better health and looking a lot more muscular by dropping 10 pounds of fat.

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