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     Fitness Tips For 3/21/2012

Periodization Training for Bodybuilders

by Lester Maurice of Bodybuilding Guide

Bodybuilding is an ideal activity that improves masculinity as well
as enhances overall physique and wellness. Unfortunately, there comes 
a time when no matter how intense or frequent you workout, it is 
often difficult to progress any further. This is called reaching a 
plateau. This scenario is common for any bodybuilder or fitness 
trainee and involves the body adapting to the stress of workouts, 
leading to decreased improvement or progress. To avoid this, expert 
bodybuilders and gym pros give their bodies a new challenge 
periodically to continue making gains and improvements. This goes 
for both muscle building and cardiovascular training.

What is periodization training? 

The process of periodization involves an organized and planned 
approach to physical training regimens, comprised of progressive 
cycling of different exercises and/or techniques during a particular 
time frame. 

Workouts should be planned and organized in advance. For instance, 
an athlete can modify his strength-training course by adjusting 
different aspects, including the amount of repetitions for each set
or the amount of sets for each movement or exercise. One can also 
adjust the amount of resistance that is used and the rest periods 
allotted for each set, exercise, or workouts.

An athlete should also periodize his cardiovascular exercise to help
improve the body's endurance and recovery. You should avoid doing 
the workouts over and over as this will lead to little improvement, 
and an plateau will be just around the corner.

So does periodization really work? 

The answer is yes. Any doubt comes from the fact that a lot of 
bodybuilders aren't really aware of what periodization is. Though it 
looks quite intricate, the process of periodizing training is simpler
than it looks. The process is simply to plan cycling specific 
training factors over time. 

About the Author

Lester Maurice is the head of Matrix Systems a consulting group of 
personal trainers specializing in bodybuilding and fitness 
development located throughout Southern California. 

His new book "The Matrix Mass System" contains proven scientific 
methods to help you reach your full genetic potential in muscular 

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Periodization Training for Bodybuilders

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