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Box Jumps Workout

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 6/17/2020

Box Jumps Workout Routine for Bodybuilding

Box jumps kicked my butt the other day so I thought I would write about it. Box jumps on the surface seem pretty simple because they are. But when you actually get into a full out box jump workout, that simple part gets tossed out of the window and difficult gets put in. In this article I will explain what box jumps are, different variations of them, and give you a quick box jumps workout routine for bodybuilding for you to try. The only thing that you will need is something to jump on that is sturdy. Don't chance it and try to jump on something that is not sturdy and hurt yourself, that would not be a very smart decision.

What Are Box Jumps And Why Are They Simple But Difficult?

Box jumps on paper are simple. You simply jump up onto an elevated platform with a modified tuck jump. Depending on your athletic ability and explosive strength, the height of the elevated platform should be tailored to each person. Simple right? But when you actually do box jumps, say for one minute jumping two feet in the air you will quickly realize that box jumps are brutal, especially when you do a circuit of them. Watch the video below of box jumps to get a feel for them and how challenging they are.

Anytime you do a plyometric bodyweight exercise, you are increasing your intensity to the point where your total rep count goes down, but the impact and effectiveness of the workout goes up.

What Are Some Variations Of Box Jumps?

As shown in the video, you can do standard box jumps and step down onto the ground after each one. You can jump back onto the ground instead of step down to increase the intensity and up the cardio component of your box jumps. You can do single leg box jumps, step ups instead of jumping, or you can even do 180 degree box jumps. Heck, you could do 360 degree box jumps if you are really into it. I would say use caution however if you are doing either the 180 or 360 degree box jumps. This takes getting use to and easy to miss the box and fall on your face, yes I have done that more than once especially initially trying the 180 and 360 degree box jumps. Be inventive, strap on a weighted vest to increase difficulty or jump with dumbbells in your hands.

Here Is A Quick Workout Using Box Jumps

So now that you have a good idea of what box jumps are, some variations, and the benefits of doing them try this simple box jump workout.

Do as many box jumps as you can in 1 minute. I recommend jumping down onto the floor versus stepping down so that you get more reps in. For the following minute do one leg box jumps for 30 seconds, switch to the other leg for the last 30 seconds. I recommend lowering the elevation of the platform you are jumping onto. For your third minute go back to doing as many box jumps as you can in one minute. For your final minute, try to do as many 180 degree box jumps as you can. So you would jump and spin 180 degrees and land on the platform. Then as you jump off, spin 180 degrees again as you land. This workout is only a few minute but if you bring the intensity and get after it your legs will be on fire and you will be sucking wind at the end.

Final Thoughts On Box Jumps

I have said it many times, all exercises are worth trying at least once. The more variety you put into your workouts, the more likely you will keep challenging yourself and sticking with working out consistently. Box jumps are effective, and well worth doing on a regular basis.

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