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     Fitness Tips For For 4/27/2011

Boxing Fitness Workouts

Boxing is great exercise, it can be used as s workout for cardio and
endurance. The benefits of boxing fitness workouts include improved
stamina, speed, coordination, etc.

Here are some boxing moves for self-defense and fitness:

Boxing Stance

Start in the boxing stance with your feet about shoulder width apart, 
with a slight bend in your knees your left foot should be in front of
your right foot. Your elbows should be close to your body with your 
fists at about face level. Rest your chin on your chest. Remain 
slightly on your toes on both feet and practice "dancing" around 
moving forwards, backwards and side to side.

Boxing Punches

Jab or straight: Push your fist forward in a straight line 
quickly and forcefully, and pull straight back to the starting 

Hook: Move your elbow up to shoulder level and throw your fist 
in a circular motion with your elbow bent. 

Uppercut: Drop the your fist lower with the back of your hand pointing
away from you, now thrust your fist forward and upward. 

Ok, you know the stance and the moves, so now here's your boxing 
fitness workout, give yourself lots of room, set a timer for 3 mins and
"dance" around shadow boxing, throwing jabs, hooks and upper cuts in 
different combinations. When the timer goes off take 1 minute for rest 
and then do another 3 min round. Over time add more rounds and one day 
see if you can "go the distance" of 15 rounds.

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Boxing Fitness Workouts

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