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     Fitness Tips For 9/21/2016

Breathing Pullover Exercise Benefits

Do you want a bigger chest? Who doesn't. One unique tool you can put into play to build a much bigger chest is the breathing pullover. The breathing pullover is different because it doesn't necessarily work the muscles but rather helps the rib cage expand. Huge Chests Arnold Schwarzenegger favored the breathing pullover and rode it to a chest that was close to 60 inches around. He credited much of that size to having a huge rib cage, coming from his consistent use of the breathing pullover. Mike Mentzer used the Nautilus version of the pullover to work on his chest as a regular part of his workout. And you can benefit from the breathing pullover as well. As the rib cage expands it makes the entire chest area larger and this translates into a bigger chest measurement as well as a higher platform for the chest muscles to sit on. Performance You perform the breathing pullover by lying crosswise on a bench with only your back on the bench at roughly mid-back level and your feet supporting your cross-positioned body via bent legs. Raise a moderate weight dumbbell above your head, holding on to it with both hands. From here you keep the arms relatively rigid (a slight bend to the elbows) and lower the dumbbell downward until it is directly behind and slightly below head level. As you lower the dumbbell down, take a deep breath. Keep the arms rigid and raise the barbell back up, exhaling as you do. To get a super deep breath, focus on breathing from the diaphragm. This will bring the oxygen in through the rising chest, which is exactly what you want to happen. At first you will have to concentrate on making yourself breath in this manner as it is not natural for most people. Aim at a rise in not only your chest but your diaphragm as well. To make the most of breathing pullovers, perform them after squats, when your breathing is full and deep. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Breathing Pullover Exercise Benefits

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