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Build Muscle with Isometrics

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 12/20/2017

Build Muscle without Moving a Muscle

Did you know you can build muscle without moving a muscle? However, just because the muscles aren't moving doesn't mean they are not working.

How do you accomplish this? By employing isometric training

Famed strongman Alexander Zass credited much of his great strength to his isometric training as a prisoner during World War I. He would push on the bars and chains that held him captive and quickly saw benefits.

He liked the benefits so much he set up a course on using isometric training. During isometric training joint angle and muscle length do not change during contraction. In other words, they are static - but yet working.

Why perform training in this manner? With isometric exercise, the body is able to activate nearly all the available motor units. Another benefit is that isometric training can be extremely brief. You only need to hold the exercise position (with all-out engagement of the muscles) for 10 seconds. And you can cover the entire body within 10 minutes.

One of the best tools for performing isometric exercises is a power rack. You can set the pins and cross at a certain level for the bench or other movements and push the weight bar for the 10 seconds of all out intensity.

You can use isometric action as a stand-alone routine or mix some of this style of training in with your standard style workout.

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