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Build Super Strength

How to Build Super Strength in Record Time

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 9/20/2023

How To Build Super Strength Tips

While bodybuilding is hugely about attaining bigger muscle mass, it is also about getting them strong. You need to know some of the overlooked tricks to achieving super strength that you can include in your regime. Strength is the basis for mass. As you get stronger, you get bigger.

1. Remove those shoes. Improve your grip and balance while toughening your feet by working out without shoes. This will make your lifting much easier and with your feet flat on the ground, you do not have to do as much lifting.

2. Combine heavy workouts with the lighter ones and you are not only assured of super strength but bigger muscles too. This is because while you are on the light exercises, your body is recovering and growing in terms of strength at the same pace.

3. Do not just focus on a singular type of exercise. To develop super strength, you need work outs that are varied and most importantly, those that engage more than one joint muscle. Exercises that engage multi joints produce more results than those targeting single joints but it should be good to have a mixture of the two.

4. Take a five minute break. This is to relax and rejuvenate the muscles before taking them through another set of exercise. It will not regress your efforts as some might think but it will help your muscles be in shape for the next training session. In fact, muscles actually grow when they are not being exercised. For this reason, let the particular muscle group that you have been working out to recover for about two to three days before working it again.

5. Pull ups will do the trick. A number in the morning and a number in the evening will make you more muscular and strong within weeks. If you find this difficult, according to how strong you are, you can do the pull ups with the help of special pull up aids.

6. Do not eat too much before going for your first exercise set. Actually, dong the first set without having any food will be much more effective to building your muscularity.

7. Having a nutritious diet for body building and increasing strength goes without saying. To hasten the digestive process, add more foods with digestion enzymes as it will increase nutrients absorption into the body as well.

8. Increase the weights you are currently lifting. Do not be afraid to add a little more weight depending on exactly how much strength you want to build up.

9. After working out, take something that will not take too long in the gut. Fast digesting food is for instance hydrolyzed proteins.

10. Do more exercises that will involve you standing up. The results are much more than those done seated.

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