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Chocolate Milk After A Workout

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 12/30/2020

Chocolate Milk After A Workout - Does It Help Recovery?

Chocolate Milk Bodybuilding

There are tons of recovery/post workout drinks, shakes, powders, gels, etc available today it is crazy. I have tried many of these recovery drinks and some work pretty well (I will list them at the bottom of this post) and some downright suck to be frank. But one of the simplest recovery drinks anyone can have is chocolate milk after a workout. Some of you already know about using chocolate milk after a workout, and some of you are probably reading this thinking it is speculation. One question we need to ask is why do we even need a recovery drink? It depends on what side of the fence you are on, but getting fuel into your body after you workout is not debated. So lets unpack why chocolate milk after a workout and other recovery drinks are needed for you to get optimum results.

Why Is Chocolate Milk After A Workout And Other Recovery Drinks Important?

You have a very small window after you workout when your entire body is primed for nutrients. It is called nutrient timing, the 45 to 60 minute window right after you get done working out that could make or break your entire workout. Our muscles are made up of protein, connective tissue, glycogen, and other elements. After we are done working out, your muscles are in prime time to receive glycogen (glucose or simple carbohydrates) and protein to repair and rebuild. If you take in say chocolate milk after a workout within the window time frame, your muscles will utilize the protein and glucose of chocolate milk to repair faster and rebuild stronger. The ideal ratio of carbs to protein for a recovery drink is 4:1. Chocolate milk has that ratio, look at the nutrition facts on the carton. You will also see all of the supplement brands using close to that ratio because of it is what our body needs. If you choose to not take in chocolate milk after a workout or any other recovery drink you are not giving your body the right fuel it needs to repair itself quicker and more efficiently.

Chocolate Milk After A Workout Can Be Bad News For Some Folks

Not everyone can drink chocolate milk after a workout if they have problems digesting dairy. If you cannot digest dairy another cheap option is to take a glass of apple juice and a table spoon of protein powder and make the 4:1 ratio. The great thing about chocolate milk after a workout is that chocolate milk is a complete protein. So you don't need to buy any other supplements, it is very cost effective if you are on a budget. If I could have dairy I would have chocolate milk after a workout every time. But I either buy certain recovery drinks or use the apple juice and protein method.

You would have to buy many gallons of chocolate milk to reach the cost of other recovery drinks. The benefit of other recovery drinks is they include other ingredients that give your muscles and your body what it needs after you workout. They also come in different flavors that are a bit easier to drink after working out. Nonetheless, chocolate milk after a workout is going to be the best economical option. If you decide to use chocolate milk after a workout buy organic only. Conventional milk has hormones and other nasty stuff your body does not need.

My advice is to try chocolate milk after a workout for two weeks and see if you like it. If not try the apple juice and protein powder.

If you are on a budget and don't have a problem with dairy, then for sure use chocolate milk after a workout on a regular basis.

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