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Common Training Mistakes

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 9/27/2023

The Top 5 Most Common Training Mistakes

Everyone makes training mistakes at some point in time. Some of these mistakes can be done at each phase of training. Therefore, even the more experienced athletes can make mistakes. Training mistakes can bring you a lot of frustration because they stand in the way of you reaching your long-term fitness goals. The good news is that they can be avoided.

Here is a list of the top 5 most common training mistakes and what you can do to avoid them:

Mistake #1: Focusing on quantity instead of quality

Many people are more concerned about quantity than the quality of their workouts. They aim for higher number of reps and using too much weight. Unfortunately, this only benefits your ego and gives you the bragging rights. High-rep training increases muscle endurance, but has a limited effect on muscle growth and strength.

The solution: Your focus should be on getting a quality workout by increasing the quality of every movement. You should know that gains happen during the eccentric portion of the lift. Use perfect form and ensure that your reps are in line with your goals. To gain strength, use weights you can lift for 6 good reps. For muscle growth, use 6 to 12 reps and for muscle endurance, use more than 12 reps. For optimal strength gain, lift heavier weights for low reps, from only one to five reps per set.

Mistake #2: Never changing your workout

If you stick to the same routine day after day, doing the same workout for the same reps using the same weights, you deny your muscles new stress to adapt to. This is not good for increasing strength or physical fitness. This is because you will reach a plateau hence fail to see any positive changes.

The solution: You should change your workouts after a few weeks or months. Try out the different machines in your gym so as to work your muscles differently. You can also alter the type of exercises you do, the order of your exercises, the amount of weights you lift and the number of reps per set.

Mistake #3: Not stretching

Many men train only for strength, neglecting all forms of stretching. This makes your workout unbalanced. Stretching muscle groups such as pecs, cervical extensors and hip flexors helps restore proper range of motion around joints, thus preventing pain.

The solution: You should stretch so as to keep your workout balanced. Try attending a yoga class or performing stretches at the end of your workouts to stay flexible.

Mistake #4: Cheating on lateral raises

Using too much weight makes your lateral raises seem to be a combination shrug and raise. When using heavier weights, many people use upper traps to raise dumbbells to the level desired without incorporating the strength of the cuff muscles. Additionally, bending arms makes the use of heavier weights easier. However, this stresses the rotator cuff muscles.

The solution: You should learn how to do exercises with the proper form. Keep practicing until you master the form. The weight you use should be one which you can lift with the proper form for the whole set. Your elbows should be slightly flexed and your arms should be raised together, ahead of your hands, forearms and dumbbells. The dumbbells should be lowered slowly. Do not jerk or swing them upwards.

Mistake #5: Blindly following someone else’s routine:

It is not uncommon for guys to change their training program after reading an article by a pro bodybuilder. These bodybuilders come up with routines after years of trial and error. The routines reflect factors such as the amount of time available to them, their nutritional support and their recuperative abilities. All these factors depend on individual circumstance. What works for them might not work for you at the moment due to your current individual circumstance.

The solution: You should not blindly do what pro bodybuilders recommend. Similarly, you should not copy the routines of friends and other gym members. Come up with a training program based on your personal goals. Follow the basic training principles and choose those exercises that you can perform safely and effectively. Stick to your program until that time when you’ll need to assess your progress and make appropriate modifications.

If you have been making any of the above mistakes, quickly fix them so as to reach your fitness goals. In case you haven’t, you probably will at some point in time. Make sure you fix them as you soon as possible.

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