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Diet vs Exercise for Fat Loss

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 6/6/2018

Is Diet or Exercise More Important for Fat Loss

Both diet and exercise will burn off body fat.

Which is better?

It depends on what type of exercise you use.

Weight training is going to burn off a lot of body fat if you are intense in your training.

Up Your Intensity

There are three ways to increase workout intensity:

1) Train heavier

2) Add more reps

3) Decrease rest time between sets

For fat loss number three works best.

Post Workout Burn

Weight training has the benefit of burning fat after the training is over. This is called the post workout burn effect and it can be substantial.

You also burn more weight through your metabolism the more muscle you put on your body. This is also substantial. Both of these make weight training a better fat loss tool than typical aerobic training.

Aerobic Comes in Third

Aerobic exercise burns some fat off the body, but a diet is more effective for getting a lot of fat off in the near term.

It takes quite a bit of aerobic exercise to burn off a noticeable amount of fat.

So weight training and diet are the two biggest tools to use in burning off fat, with aerobic training coming in third. If you want to maximize fat loss, target the first two.

You should include some aerobic training bur realize that it isn't the ultimate way to work off fat.

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