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Do Bodyweight Workouts Work

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 4/29/2020

Bodyweight Workouts Are Extremely Effective

Bodyweight Workouts Results

This post is going to be a little bit of me ranting about bodyweight workouts. Well in reality this entire post is going to be ranting about bodyweight workouts. The reason why is I actually got into a heated debate and challenges with someone over the weekend who felt the need to tell me that bodyweight workouts and bodyweight exercises were ineffective. So, I thought I would tell all of you the crux of the conversation, where it lead to, and to blow off a little steam after this entertaining and obnoxious conversation and challenges that I had with this self proclaimed fitness guru.

Bodyweight Workouts Are More Effective Long Term Than Conventional Weight Lifting

Yes I said it. Bodyweight exercises and bodyweight workouts are more effective long term than standard weight lifting. This is what actually started the debate with this guy. He obviously works out, lifts heavy and had some size to him. He proceeded to tell everyone how awesome he was and how he would like to personal train everyone there. So I stepped in and asked what his standard training session was and he went off about three sets of 5 weight lifting and so on. After I let him inflate his head a little bit, I said "bodyweight workouts are actually more effective long term for building and maintaining lean muscle versus standard weight lifting". He looked at me like I just killed his favorite dog. Then he proceeded to tell me that I was an idiot because of x, y, and z. I am a patient chill guy so I don't let things get to me too much but this guy started to rub me the wrong way quickly. So, I felt I had to get into a nice debate with him.

The Debate Grew More Heated Over Bodyweight Workouts

After we both debated each other it quickly become apparent that neither of us were going to give ground on our beliefs. Sounds like a normal debate. So what happened next? This guy, in front over everyone at my friend's house challenges me to a push up contest like we are in middle school. He takes of his jacket, and is full blown ready to challenge me to a push up contest. After I stopped laughing I accepted this childish challenge with one a little twist. I said "regular push ups are a bit amateur for me, lets do plyo push ups instead". The guy actually had no idea what plyo push ups were, so I demonstrated one (arms and feet leaving the ground as you come up from the push up) and he reluctantly accepted. So we both lined up on the floor in plank position facing each other. Basically who ever could do the most wins. Looking back, this guy had no idea how much I do bodyweight workouts and bodyweight exercises throughout the week, but he quickly found out once we started. So the plyo push up challenge began. (I do need to add that I have been doing escalating density training lately and it has made me a lot stronger.)

It was quite the site, our mutual friends were cheering us on while we were competing against each other. He actually kept up for a little bit, he knocked out 15 and then couldn't do another one. I went to 22 and stopped, I usually can hit 25 or 26. This guy was so mad after it he wanted to challenge me again in something else. Granted we just did a bodyweight exercise that fits to my strength so I told him to pick.

The next challenge was bicep curls. My friend had adjustable dumbbells at his house that go up to 65 lbs. Now, I don't do bicep curls with weights that much while doing bodyweight workouts so this was a stretch for me a bit. But doing pull ups I had some confidence going into this. So this guy set the weights to 50lbs and starts off. He curled them four times without breaking form. Oh, I forgot to mention if you broke proper form you were done. On his fifth attempt he bowed his back a lot and a person there who was acting as a ref stopped him. Now it was my turn, I grabbed the weights and to my surprise I did four reps as well then broke form. I actually tied with this guy who lifts heavy all the time. That was the straw that broke his back so to speak. After that he decided that he was done and this was stupid. So I guess I won?

I think a lot of people think bodyweight workouts are a waste of time. But yet they build lean muscle, make you stronger, and you don't have to deal with the mass building and muscle shrinking like heavy lifters do. I am not saying lifting heavy to build mass is wrong at all. All I am saying is that bodyweight workouts and bodyweight exercise do work and they will continue to work as you age. I hope you have enjoyed me telling you about my crazy experience with that guy who I actually never figured out his name.

Keep doing or start doing bodyweight workouts, they are effective especially when put to the test

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