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     Fitness Tips For 4/19/2017

Can You Eat Cake & Ice-cream
and Still Lose Fat?

The simple answer to that question is yes. The truth however is that you need to measure your servings if you still want to lose fat while you eat ice cream and cake. Losing fat is all about calories. The following tips should be well considered to ensure you can eat cake & ice cream and still lose fat: Tip 1: You should always eat your cake/sweets/deserts/pancakes between 11am and 2pm so that your body gets the time during the rest of your waking hours to burn off the remaining excess of calories that you have consumed. Tip 2: Eat lots of veggies; they are the best low energy density food choices. Low density energy means its food that will make you feel satiated faster and it's got fewer calories than other food choices. Tip 3: Eat a piece of cake after a meal and not the whole cake instead of a meal. If whatever your calorie dense food choice is, cake, muffin, ice-cream or whatever it should be able to fit into the palm of your hand, then it will be a calorie excess that your body can handle. Tip 4: As mentioned above, losing fat is about calories. If you count them you can control them. It takes a bit of practice but after just doing it for a couple days you'll quickly see how easy it is to guess the calorie value of a plate of food. Tip 5: If you replace some of the sugar in your cake with artificial sweeteners you may only cut 100 calories out on that meal but that could easily add up to 10 lbs a year. Tip 6: The American Heart Foundation as well as the College of Sports Medicine both says you need do cardio with a moderate intensity 5 days a week to lose fat consistently. Moderate intensity means you can still talk while you exercise. Tip 7: Make exercise fun. This may sound more difficult that it is because there are many choices you can try to make your routine exercise more fun. From cycling to rowing or playing soccer or beach volleyball, as long as it's fun. Tip 8: Don't over-indulge, it will only slow you down and add unnecessary weight-gain. Eating cake or ice cream and losing fat is very possible if you are willing to take control of it, eating small amounts you can still lose fat. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Can You Eat Cake & Ice-cream and Still Lose Fat

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