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Most People Fail To Work 50% of Their Muscle Tissue!

Did you know that even bodybuilders neglect half the 
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It doesn't take rocket science to build bigger muscles.  
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     Fitness Tips For 8/31/2016

Eccentric Training Workouts

Why use eccentric training? Research has shown that have shown that your body can tolerate up to almost twice the weight load eccentrically than it can concentrically. The best way to tap into this dynamic is eccentric training. Learning to control loads that are up to twice as heavy as normal (don't start this heavy, by the way, and realize that most eccentric training is performed in the range of 20 percent to 50 percent above normal maximum ranges) requires the use of a power rack to ensure your safety. The power rack allows you to really put a good eccentric program in place. And everything doesn't have to be done in the rack (curls can be performed apart from the rack, for example). A spotter or two can also make eccentric training more doable. Eccentric training centers on performing heavy "negatives" on your target muscle group. You lower the weight while resisting it on the way down. You can vary the rep range for eccentric workouts but beware that this type of training really wears you out fast. It creates a ton of muscle damage so you don't need to do all the sets or reps you would do in a normal workout. However, use a full range of motion even though the going is tough. Try a cycle of eccentric training to really stimulate some new growth and force some muscle adaptation to the heavy load. And by acquainting yourself with the very heavy loads now you are preparing to lift them in the concentric manner down the road. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Eccentric Training Workouts

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