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How To Make Squats More Effective

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 8/9/2023

Deep Squats For Bigger Quads

Are you looking for the best squat technique to build big quads? Do not ponder anymore as your search ends here! The good old classic squat is just the type of exercise that can help you sculpt your lower body and prevent fat accumulation.

Let's dive further into the mechanics of the movement and discover more about the benefits that are associated with it.

How to perform an effective squat?

Firstly, you have to stand upright (with a leg spacing corresponding to the width of the shoulders) and outstretched arms. Make sure that your feet follow the same line. A mismatch could cause an imbalance in the lumbar and thus result with loads of back pain. Now, take a deep breath and go down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Then exhale slowly while releasing your arms. Caution, it is very important to control the descent by slowing down slightly and then accelerating during the concentric phase of the lift by resting on your heels. Throughout the exercise, be sure to keep the back slightly arched, but do not lean forward: your centre of gravity is to be held back between the heels.

Plan your squat program over a month. The best squat technique to build big quads isn't something that will be easy to religiously practice. The idea is to set a real challenge, and observe the results after 30 days. Start with 5 sets of 30 squats with a minute of recovery between each set. Following a squat program is an excellent way to realize the benefits of weight training.

What are the benefits of the squat?

The squat is a formidable weapon for the lower body muscles! It's primarily the thighs and buttocks (quadriceps, adductors, and hamstrings) that reap the benefits of this exercise. Throughout the sessions, the strengthening of the lower limbs reduce the risk of joint injuries. Since the nature of the workout is so intense, the squat triggers the release of testosterone and growth hormones, which has the effect of creating an anabolic environment conducive to the strengthening and conditioning of muscles. Plus, squats also promote the pumping of body fluids, helping in waste disposal and in the distribution of nutrients to all tissues, including organs and glands alike.

They are also useful for improving the flow of excrement by the colon and improves the regularity. Moreover, once you get used to doing squats, you will eventually manage to gain a greater range of motion thus allowing you to descend lower and lower. Squats are particularly effective for sports training as they boost one's sprinting abilities by directly soliciting muscles that support our weight (lower limbs) and are responsible for the movement of our bodies.

The use of squats to build big quads is not to make you lose body weight. Above all, it serves to reinforce and strengthen the lower body. By repeating the squat exercise, and consuming large amount of calories, one avoids the storage of fat in the thighs and buttocks of his/her body. In this sense, it is possible to say that the squat is used to initiate a localized slimming. For greater toning of the quads, always start doing squats before an endurance session. This accelerates energy expenditure and thus burns fat faster.

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