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Most People Fail To Work 50% of Their Muscle Tissue!

Did you know that even bodybuilders neglect half the 
muscle tissue in the body?

It doesn't take rocket science to build bigger muscles.  
However, it does take a certain knowledge and application 
of that knowledge in the gym and in your diet.

And the Truth is, the Sooner You Act, the Sooner Your 
Muscles Start Growing!

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     Fitness Tips For 5/4/201

Explosive Training for Muscle Mass

Explode for More Muscle What would you say if you found out you were missing out on the development of 50 percent of your muscle? Would you be shocked? Such may be the case if you aren't working the weights in an explosive manner. 50 Percent Most guys train at a moderate to slow pace. That's fine, but it excludes 50 percent of your muscle tissue. Roughly half of your muscle fiber is high end fast twitch muscle, and if you don't train fast, you don't work this muscle. It just lies there, untrained, unused and undeveloped. In other words, a wasted chance to get bigger and stronger. If you seize the chance and start to train the high end fast twitch muscle, you have the potential to become much bigger and stronger as that muscles starts to fill out and grow. Explode To train this unique muscle fiber you have to perform explosive movements. Fast twitch fiber requires fast action. There are several ways to do this. One is to perform Olympic weightlifting style movements such as the clean & jerk, the snatch, the power clean, which are all explosive in nature. The other way is to simply perform standard weightlifting movements but do so explosively. So you would blast the bench press move off your chest at a high rate of speed, for example. Most regular exercises can be turned into explosive movements. Schedule Explosive Training Training explosively provides an entirely new avenue for more muscle growth and great gains. It is smart to set up your training schedule to include some explosive movements to address that untouched 50 percent of high end fast twitch muscle in your body. You can dedicate a workout session to speed movement, or you can mix in some explosive training into your regular routine. Either way works and gives you a start into adding a whole new level of development to your body. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Explosive Training for Muscle Mass

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