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Fat Loss Mistakes

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Mike G.

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 2/13/2019

Don't Make These Fat Loss Mistakes

Post Weight Training Cardio is Best for Fat Loss

There is one time that most people get wrong for fat loss. If you notice, many people get in a short cardio workout before a weight training session.

That's all wrong!

You make two big mistakes when you do this.

Mistake One

The first mistake you make when you perform cardio before weight training is that you use up all your carb fuel. You could have used that carb fuel in your weight workout but you already blew it when you did your cardio. The first fuel source is carbs, and that's what you used in your short cardio session.

Mistake Two

The second mistake is that you didn't burn fat in the cardio training. If you perform your cardio after weight training, you will burn fat because all the carb fuel has been used up in the weight workout.

The ultimate manner in which to burn fat for fuel is after a weight training workout, not before the weight session.

By making this simple adjustment you can make your cardio training much more productive and help build bigger muscles as well.

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