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     Fitness Tips For 12/28/2016

Is It Better To Eat Fat Or Carbs?

A recent study specifically on this question, asked "which restrictions are more effective for fat-loss, restricting carbs or fats"? Although there have been similar studies, the results from this specific study that was done at Tulane University using 148 randomly assigned obese men and women demonstrates the general consensus in all the studies. The selection criteria also included to have no heart disease or any sign of diabetes. These 148 volunteers where then divided into half of them following a low-carb diet and the other half a low-fat diet. After one year, the volunteers who had been eaten low-carb had lost 7.7lbs more than the volunteers that were eating less fat. The low-carb people also showed greater decreases in their overall body-fat percentages and other significant cardiovascular risk factors. Over the last five decades' dietary fat was demonized, but now we now know it can be used to your advantage. For decades we've been told the lie that to control calories in order to shed fat you need to cut fat from the diet, because fat contains more calories than protein or carbs. Bad nutritional guidance tells us that in order to lose fat, you have to consume less of it, that is wrong. Sports science can now prove conclusively that lowering your fat intake doesn't mean you'll drop fat. Sports nutrition now tells us a little fat will help make fat-loss more successful. The 3 points listed below in support of carb reduction and not fat reduction: No.1 Eating fat will displace eating carbs When a dietitian or a nutritionist looks at your macronutrient percentages in your diet, it all needs to add-up to 100%. When you eat more of one nutrient it means your intake of some other macronutrient has to decrease. Whatever you goal might be; fat loss, muscle-hypertrophy, or performance improvement, first you need to meet your specific protein needs, then you can adjust your fat and your carb intake accordingly. Eating fewer carbs means eating more fat and vice versa. When it comes to fat-loss then displacing your carbohydrate intake by increasing the fat in your diet will set the stage to create the optimal fat-loss environment. Your insulin is the chief gatekeeper of your body-fat because it will release insulin in proportion to how many carbohydrates you eat. Your nutrient partitioning, telling what nutrients need to go and where they need to go is more effective when overall insulin levels are lower. This is achieved by reducing the carbohydrates intake, which allows your body to readily access fat from your own stores for energy, while allowing some fat to enter to fuel your muscles. No.2 Eating fat will enhance the body's ability to burn fat The truth is that your body will hold on to fat if your dietary fat intake is too low. But if you include healthy fats in you diet and restrict carbs you will burn fat faster. No.3 Eating fat will make you want to eat less Fat makes you feel satisfied, while carbs can actually make you more hungry. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Is It Better To Eat Fat Or Carbs

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