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Get Lean Quick 14 Day Fat Loss Kit

I finished my two week "Get Lean Quick" program. My first week I lost 15 lbs, second week 10 lbs, a total 25 lb loss. I was 220 lbs and went to 195 lbs, I am 58 yrs 5' 10" tall. The program was very easy to follow, and I did not have to starve myself. Thanks for your help and guidance, you have always taken the time to answer all my emails. I will continue to keep the fat off. This program has taught me important info on nutrition and exercise.

Thank you!

Mike G.

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 8/4/2021

Fear of Failure in Weight Loss and Fitness

Don't Let Fear Of Failure Stop You

I am humbled that people seek me out and ask for fitness advice, that is one of the main reasons why I love having this newsletter. But there are also other subjects that come up from folks and one I want to address in this post is fear of failure. This has a major impact on people who are trying to get in shape and the fear of failure usually paralyzes them to not start down the road of getting fit and healthy. So keep on reading to learn more about fear of failure and how you can overcome it to get in the best shape of your life.

What Exactly Is Fear of Failure?

Fear of failure is technically known as "atychiphobia". I know a fancy word indeed, what it boils down to is that fear of failure stops people from trying to achieve their goals, passions, and dreams. This fear of failure in my opinion, is self defeating, rips confidence right out from under your feet. Fear of failure is real, and we have all dealt with it one time or another. But it should not in any shape or form prohibit you or anyone else for chasing dreams, following passions, and striving to meet your goals. If your goal is to get in shape for little money and resources then strive to achieve it, do not let fear of failure get in the way of you acting and working towards your goals. Sounds simple right? But the harsh reality here is that fear of failure has a very strong grip at times and it locks us into a box and we have a hard time getting out of it. So how exactly do you overcome fear of failure?

Here Are A Few Steps To Overcome Fear of Failure

1. As author Seth Godin says in his book Poke the Box you just need to act. He says "poke the box" meaning try something and see what happens. You never know what will happen if you let fear of failure override your actions. Go and do, try put yourself out there and go for it. It is down right scary for a lot of people to do this. If you are struggling to lose fat, start moving your body and eating better. If fear of failure has a tight grip on you then ask for help from someone. Bottom line with this first step, do and see what happens.

2. Take failing as a time of learning. We are all going to fail at something in our life. If you have never failed at anything then the chances are 100% you have not exactly pushed yourself past your limits. If you have failed and learned from that experience and came out stronger on the other side, nice job. Failing is ok if you learn and grown from it. Accept that there will be a percentage of failure versus succeeding in life. Fear of failure has a hard time being there if you know from time to time you will fail but be much stronger from the experience.

3. Look at the cost. If you are trying to reach a goal look at a couple different ways in which you plan to achieve the goal. Determine which path is the best then decide if you take path A for example what is the cost of not taking path B to achieve your goal. This way it will limit your chances of failing and will allow you to kick fear of failure aside.

Final Thoughts On Fear of Failure

Whether it is diet, working out, a career move, or anything in between don't let fear of failure take over. "Poke the Box" as Seth Godin says and just go and do. If you fail, learn and grow from it, and you can help another person overcome what you just overcame. Ask for help, plot the best path to achieve your goals, and don't let fear of failure win. Fear of Failure is as powerful as you let it be, so my advice make it as weak as possible by doing and learning.

Note: Read the book Dianetics to learn how to keep your sub-conscious mind from working against you achieving success.

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