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     Fitness Tips For 9/3/2014

Fitness Errors in Fitness Experts Advice

Avoiding the "Experts" Tendency to Error It happens in every field from business to sports to even fitness and bodybuilding. Experts state certain things are in concrete, only to be proven wrong. For example, several private equity groups and hedge funds combined to purchase the utility TXU, believing it would be a great money maker for them. It wasn't, and now they are in bankruptcy, having lost the $48 billion they invested. Oops. And you see the same thing in sports, where the experts say certain teams are a sure thing, only to be totally wrong. In the health and fitness arena, the "experts" said fat in food was bad. They said avoid milk. Avoid eggs. But they were wrong. It turns out that these foods that have naturally occurring fats are actually good for the body. Milk Milk, for instance, has a special insulin growth factor that powerfully promotes growth. The fat in milk is necessary to help the protein act at its fullest. And milk has a big benefit in this area as well. The journal Cell Metabolism (June 2012) featured an article in which researchers revealed that they had discovered a new vitamin-like molecule in milk. This newly discovered substance in milk has been named nicotinamide riboside. Nicotinamide riboside is a substance that burns fat and prevents obesity. This interesting substance effectively makes milk a super food, able to build muscle as well as burn fat. This dual positive action is a huge benefit for those using milk to build up the muscles but not wanting to gain body fat in the process. So milk won't make you fat, and the so-called experts were wrong on this call. In fact milk is the number one element you can take for the post workout recovery. The experts totally dropped the ball on this one. Now they are saying milk is fine, but guess what milk was great all along. Eggs Another area where the experts blew it big time was with the egg. A few decades ago the "experts" decided that the egg was bad for you. Doctors bought into this fad and started telling people to avoid eating eggs, or at most, have only one. But there was no logical reason for this propaganda. Doctors cited concerns with saturated fat, but in doing so only expressed ignorance. First of all, the fat in an egg is a balanced fat. It has some saturated fat, but that only makes up a third of the fat. Second, natural saturated fat is actually good for you, and helps the body grow. The egg has a natural balance of fat that works wonderfully with the body. And the egg is full of protein, making it one of the very best foods that you can eat to build muscle. Now the experts are starting to say the egg is okay. It was great all the time. Vince Gironda was right eat your eggs, and eat a lot of them. Fat Fat itself in the diet has been attacked. Again, another misstep by the "experts". For the body to optimally create testosterone (to build that muscle) it needs healthy fat. Fats contain cholesterol, which in turn your body converts into steroidal hormones, including testosterone. So eliminating (or drastically cutting back) fat from your diet directly hinders your ability to build muscle. You are stunting your growth when you do so. And that's not all. Testosterone also plays a big role in reducing fat on the physique. A variety of studies have shown that testosterone is very effective in burning fat off the body and doing so quickly. So when you remove dietary fat from what you are eating, you are actually hampering your fat loss capability by removing testosterone production from the picture. Bottom line be careful about buying in to what the so-called experts say. It may be totally wrong, and they won't admit it for a decade or two. Do your own research on any vital issue, and dig deep. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Fitness Errors in Fitness Experts Advice

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