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     Fitness Tips For 6/15/2016

Foods that Burn Fat and Build Muscle

The foods that build muscle and burn fat are not always tasty foods but they are necessary and vital foods. Broccoli Consider broccoli. President Bush (the first Bush) famously declared he didn't like broccoli. But that's a mistake if you are a bodybuilder as broccoli is super for burning fat and building muscle. It may not taste very good but it packs a huge nutritional punch. Broccoli contains an anti-estrogen element that in turn gives testosterone free run of your body for awhile. And testosterone is fat burning and muscle building so you get the effects of both benefits when you have broccoli. And you don’t need to eat it in a way that makes you want to spit it out. Steam it with some cheese to get some flavor and more protein going. Incredible Edible Egg The egg is another food that helps you burn fat while you add muscle. The egg is full of muscle building protein. And the natural cholesterol in the egg fires up your testosterone, helping you both burn fat and build muscle. Milk Milk is an awesome food – super anabolic in nature, yet also containing a factor that fights fat. And even more awesome, this is true of whole milk. In fact drinking whole milk won't make you fat, it simply makes you lean and mean. Fantastic Fish Oil Fish oil is well known for its health benefits but it also is a strong booster of testosterone levels in the body, which then burns fat and builds muscle. You can't go wrong taking fish oil tablets habitually. Mixed Nuts & Seeds Nuts and seeds are high in zinc, and zinc builds muscle and burns fat. It is one of the best muscle builders around. Use nuts and seeds for snacks to keep your muscle building, fat burning process alive between meals. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Foods that Burn Fat and Build Muscle

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