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Foundation Muscle Building

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 9/20/2017

Building the Right Foundation for Bodybuilding

A good foundation is crucial for any endeavor and this includes building the body. Some guys get caught in the trap of trying to specialize before they have a solid foundation and that is a mistake.


There are a couple of muscle groups that are foundational to muscle building - the thighs and the back. That's because they are the biggest muscles in the body and as such are indeed foundational to any size development.

Before anyone gets hooked on building the biceps or chest, or whatever, they need to spend a good deal of time on the foundation of the thighs and back and really build this area up strongly before moving on. It may be hard at the time, but it is essential to long term gains.


Another foundational factor is the importance of compound training. Isolation is for later in the training development cycle and going to isolation training too soon can short-circuit gains. The compound movements are what build the big muscle of the body and should be featured consistently.


Some explosive training should be included in the foundation building process to work all the muscles, including the high end fast twitch muscles that make up a large portion of the physique.

It is vital to get a good foundation and that means working the thighs and back, using compound movements, and also including some explosive training. Once the foundation is built you can then get fancy with some isolation work, but not before then.

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