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     Fitness Tips For 11/20/2013

Do Free Weights or Machines
Build Muscle Faster?

free weights or machines
Stand and Deliver! A lot of modern, popular training revolves around machines. The body is often contorted into various positions, seated or prone, in many of the machines. And while it is fine to get in some training in this manner, it is a mistake to make all of your training off the ground. Ground based training is vital for building a complete body. Those who don't utilize ground based training can't reach their full potential. The very best exercises are not the ones that are easiest to perform or which make you feel most comfortable (such as sinking down into a nicely padded seat) but rather the exercise that push the body and force it to fully develop. In spite of all the nice new machines and various gadgets that keep coming onto the market, the best training results still comes from is ground based training. So why is ground based training so essential to development of the human body? Virtually all sports and similar pursuits involve putting the feet on the ground, with force. Many people train without having their feet on the floor, or without having their feet on the ground with force. So when they have to do so in real life, it is alien to them. They have not trained in this manner, and come up short. You perform based on how you practice so if you never practice with ground based activity, you are unprepared. When you are sitting on some thickly padded seat with your feet dangling off the floor you are not obtaining any realistic action. Top fitness guru Boyd Epley has noted that athletes need to have their feet on the ground when they train. And he is right it is the quickest way to build up sport specific skill sets. This carries over to the bodybuilder as well. What good is building muscle if it isn't functional - if you can't use it? There is a lot going on when an athlete trains, including the proper neuromuscular coordination in the body (specifically multi joint action). This won't happen on your typical machine. It is essential to get on the ground to get your body into top gear. Central to this issue is the fundamental fact that the body adapts to the stimulus it is given. That goes for food and it is also true for training. If the body is given a certain type of training, it develops (or fails to develop) in a specific way. Ground based training and non-ground based training are both training styles, but only one makes the body adapt to a realistic scenario. Often the guy in a typical gym workout gets no change of direction, very little balance work, no prioproception action, and frequently doesn't get far beyond a fixed stance or seated position. Ground based training changes all of that, getting you actively working out in a new way. Ground based training doesn't have to be super fancy - things as simple as the standing press, squats and deadlifts are a great start. Start using the ground right away and get in total shape. Note: For more information checkout Fast Muscle Growth Zone Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Do Free Weights or Machines Build Muscle Faster?

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