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Fresh vs Frozen Foods

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 5/23/2018

Fresh Foods vs Frozen or Canned

Do you automatically assume that fresh foods are healthier for the body than frozen or canned? You are right in some cases, but not always. Actually, sometimes the canning process can help lock in some ingredients. But typically the fresh food is healthier in general.

Fresh food is typically healthier because it has not denatured as much as canned or frozen foods. Canned and frozen foods can lose some of their potency over time whereas with fresh foods you get it all in its vital state.

Canned foods also sometimes have other ingredients added (to help preserve the food) and that is sometimes a negative factor. This can happen with frozen foods too, but not as much. So there is a distinct difference between fresh and canned in this area.

You can tell the difference in the taste. A canned pineapple tastes nowhere near as good as a fresh one. And this is true across the board - peas, tomatoes, and more all taste better in a fresh state, have better nutrient wholeness, and are better for you than canned or frozen.

Sometimes in the canning process an improvement is made to the food item, however. When tomatoes are diced up and canned, the nutrient value you get out of them is actually higher than it is with a fresh tomato. The canned tomato is more digestible, so your body is able to absorb more nutrients from it that it is from the fresh tomato.

In some instances like the one just mentioned the canning or freezing process can be an improvement, but in general fresh food is a healthier option.

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