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Ecdy-Bolin Review

"Hello Paul,

    I was thinking about which Supplement has gave 
me the best gains and I would have to say it is the 
Ecdy-Bolin. Even though I contribute my strength 
gains to it, I am also trimming down dramatically. 
    I went from 10% fat to 8%, without trying to 
do so at all.  In fact I am properly eating more. 

    Also my lifting capacity has rose in every 
exercise by 25 lbs.  For example my bench went 
from 375 lb to 400 lb and still doing the 10 reps 
within 2 months, Now I find that awesome.  
   My muscle size increased by an average of 
1/2 inches and that is no big deal, except it 
happened while I was burning fat and not trying.
Besides taking the Ecdy-Bolin I did not change a thing!


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     Fitness Tips For 7/30/2014

Full Range of Motion for More Muscle

The predominate style of training in most gyms today is a limited, or short, range of motion. This occurs on everything from the curl to the squat. Guys lift a weight, but usually not for a full range of motion (ROM). Employing a limited range of motion, however, is a mistake. Yes, there are occasions to use a limited range of motion but they are exceptions to the rule, and the rule is that a full range of motion builds muscle better. Who cares? You should. If you always use a limited range of motion you are also limiting your ability to build bigger muscles. Some guys claim they are getting a pump or forcing a burn, but when they train all the time with a short range of motion it reveals that that is their consistent training style. And it is consistently wrong. Here’s why. Researcher Reveals Full ROM is Best for Building Muscle Researchers have studied the difference between a full range of motion and a limited or partial range of motion and have found that there really is a difference between the two. In the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research (January 2014) researchers found that the longer range was much more beneficial where "muscle strength and size are the objective." And for bodybuilders, that is basically what it is all about (muscle size and strength) so the range of motion factor is a big deal. This 2014 research is backed up a study in 2012 that found "muscle strength and muscle thickness can be improved with both FULL and PART (range) resistance training, but FULL may lead to greater strength gains." So to make the most of your training, to build both size and strength the range of motion does matter and it matters a lot. You should deliberately move through the full range of motion for most of your training action. And the bottom line is this - more muscle will be worked through the use of full ROM than it will through the limited range. In fact the very words indicates such – limited vs. full. If you want full muscles, you need to use a full ROM. False Sense of Power Some guys use a limited range of motion in order to lift heavier weight loads. This enables them to claim bigger poundage and gives them a false sense of power. It is false due to the fact that they could not successfully lift the weight through a full range of motion. And often a cheating motion accompanies the short range of motion, so in effect they are doubling up on the cheat function and come nowhere near building real strength. Additionally, the size of the muscles also suffer. In fact the 2014 Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research study demonstrated that ROM "should not be compromised for greater external loading." The best path forward is to take your medicine and use a lighter weight load, get the full range of motion down pat, and then start using greater external loading after you successfully complete the lighter loads. You will get there if you persist and it is worth the effort because the end result is bigger and stronger muscles. Final Reps The practice of getting a full range of motion should be applied to the final few reps also. This is one area where many alter their training. Some guys go into a half range to get the final few tough reps completed, but that is a mistake because more muscle will work and will be built via the full ROM and that holds true for the first rep or the last rep. You may need to provide slight assistance to get that last rep, but go for the full range if you want maximum size and strength gains. And don't neglect the range in this part of the training because the final reps are more crucial than the first reps. The final reps are where the gains come from, so make sure you are getting the most gains by getting a full ROM. Athletic Capability via Full ROM Another aspect also plays a role in the full versus limited ROM issue. A more athletic body is built by using full ROM. When you consistently employ a limited range of motion, you limit the range that your body works in and in turn limit its athletic development. Watch any top level athlete training, and they get the full ROM so that can translate into performance. The fuller the range of motion, the better the performance. Camping out on partial movements is a big mistake because it limits the body’s development and capabilities. And it teaches the body to move in a limited range. The manner in which you practice will be the manner in which you play so you don't want to limit yourself. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Full Range of Motion for More Muscle

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