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     Fitness Tips For 7/10/2012

Full Squats vs Half Squats

The controversy about full squats has been going since the invention
of sports medicine. To break the two arguments up into the two 
schools of thought is probably the best way to deal with the subject.
It should be noted here that both schools of thought offer proof that
they are correct.

The first school of thought says that going beyond a 40% angle when 
bending your knees puts 8 times your bodyweight of stress directly 
onto your knees. They say when you do this with weights on your back
or shoulders then the stress is amplified 8 times as much on your 

They say that the best way to develop the leg muscles is by doing a 
half squat which is basically like sitting down on a chair and then 
lifting yourself up again. This school of thought says that going 
anywhere past that point is going to cause damage.

It is obvious that bodybuilder's fall into the second school of 
thought which says that doing a mid-range movement is even going 
to put more stress on the knees. They say that a squat should be 
performed when the femur (upper leg) is level with the floor.

It is important to note that they also say that the back should be
rigidly straight and that the knees should never go past the point 
of the toes when bending down. There are bodybuilders that have been
doing full squats for years without getting any damage to their 

It is important to make sure that firstly no momentum is used and 
therefore no bouncing at the bottom of the squat. Secondly that one
should not go past the point of having your legs parallel with the 
floor as you will then be resting on your hamstrings and putting a 
lot of stress on your knees.

But everyone has a different set of genes in them and there are 
people who start training correctly doing full squats and end up 
with knee problems. There could be many explanations for this but 
one would need to look at each specific case individually to get a 
true assessment.

It is the opinion of the writer of this article that full squats work
the quads to a full range of motion and when done correctly is the 
best way to develop mass and strength in your legs. 

About the Author

Lester Maurice is the head of Matrix Systems a consulting group of 
personal trainers specializing in bodybuilding and fitness 
development located throughout Southern California. 

His new book "The Matrix Mass System" contains proven scientific 
methods to help you reach your full genetic potential in muscular 

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Full Squats vs Half Squats

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