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     Fitness Tips For 8/21/2013

How to Gain Muscle Slowly

I'm laughing a little bit here and you'll see why soon...

We have heard for years about how the body can only gain so much 
muscle in a month, year, etc.

I remember Mike Mentzer in a seminar talked about how slow muscle 
growth is, he used Danny Padilla as an example, he said that when 
Danny started working out he was only 120 pounds and 10 years later
he won the Mr. Universe at 165 pounds and 5'2" tall. He then said 
that adds up to only 4.5 pounds of muscle a year.

And that is where he made a mistake, by making an average out of it.

Muscle is not gained on a slow and steady basis.

It is gained in fits and spurts of fast growth, followed by periods 
of almost no gains.

Danny like most of us gained quite a bit of muscle when he first 
started training, then the gains slowed down to a crawl and he made 
some change in his training, nutrition, etc. and hit another growth 

Another example of fast spurts of muscle growth is Arnold 
Schwarzenegger, when he first started working out at 15 he gained
fast, he started at 6 foot tall and 150 pounds, when he went into 
the army at 18 he was 200 pounds. After he won a bodybuilding 
contest, command decided it was good for morale to have a champion 
in their ranks, so they let him eat and train as much as he wanted 
and he gained another 25 pounds - more then he had gained in any of
his previous years of training.

The truth is by the time Arnold was 19 or 20 he was already about as
big as he would ever get, after that he mostly refined and polished 
his body. 

My point here is don't try to get big slow, it's won't happen if you 

Try to get big as fast as possible and you will get big.

An analogy is getting wealthy, you can't do it slowly, inflation, 
the economy, taxes, etc. will all work against you and eat up any 
wealth you are trying to amass. You have to build wealth fast enough
to get way ahead of all these factors.

It's the same with gaining muscle you have to get big fast enough to
get ahead of any illness, injuries, work and family stress, etc. 
that will impede your progress.

So how do you get big fast?

1) First you have to change your mind and decide that is really is 

2) You have to set a firm goal and write it down, such as "I will 
gain ______ in the next ______."

3) You need to change what you are now doing, because if you are not
currently gaining fast, then you will just be doing the same thing 
and expecting different results. 

4) You will need to align all factors such as training, nutrition, 
rest, sleep, supplements, etc. towards your goal.

5) You have to be consistent, if you miss workouts, meals or only 
get a few hours sleep one night you will be sabotaging yourself.

Now go get big fast and leave the idea of slow muscle gain to the 
pencil necks.

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How to Gain Muscle Slowly

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