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     Fitness Tips For 7/24/2013

How to Get a Body Like a Greek God

When we take a close look at the difference between a Greek Gods look
and a Mr. Universe bodybuilder look there is certainly a big 
difference. If you look at classical statues in museums, you'll see 
that an athletic Greek God looked more like a boxer or a swimmer. The 
quality of the muscles is much more important than quantity.

To get a body like that, you first need the correct training program.
A generic "fitness" or health club routine won't work. Having the 
right program is more important than all the fitness equipment and 
enthusiasm in the world. And despite what you hear, hard work is 
definitely not the secret to getting a body like a Greek God. 

There are plenty of people in gyms everywhere who train hard, but 
who never get the Greek God body, and even having a personal trainer
standing over them for "motivation" done not insure results. The 
reason they don't succeed is not because they're doing the exercises 
incorrectly; it's because they're following the wrong program.

Learning to do exercises is the easy part. The real secret to getting
a body like a Greek God is what you do with these exercises, and how 
you combine these into a carefully structured system. To get a Greek 
God body, you need to go about your training as an artist would carve
a statue.

That means your program should be broken into very specific phases.

In the first phase, you should start carving out a V-Shape with 
exercises such as lat pulldowns to build your back, and dumbbell 
lateral raises to widen your shoulders.

In the second phase, you should use targeted exercises to add size 
and shape strategically while paring away unwanted fat. 

The final phase of getting that Greek God look you should put the 
finishing touches on your physique by incorporating nutrition and 
exercise for maximum definition. 

Having the perfect musculature is only the start of getting a body 
like a Greek God. You should also improve the rest of your 
appearance, and that includes your skin, face and hair, etc.

So you first need to concentrate on quality muscle and not quantity
which is done by using slow continuous tension, concentrating on 
squeezing the muscle rather then just lifting the weight.

This aesthetic mindset is why the phrase "a body like a Greek God"
is something that's still deeply embedded in our language. Even 
someone who's never seen a piece of classical art will know exactly
what this analogy means. Creating a Greek God body takes work and 
dedication. But like all great art, the results are priceless.

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How to Get a Body Like a Greek God

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