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     Fitness Tips For  4/24/2013

How To Get Huge Triceps Fast

If you want big arms then you need big triceps because triceps are 
75% of the size of your upper arms. You use your triceps for any 
pushing movement that you do like bench-press. Your triceps are 
fully engaged and fully flexed when you lock out on bench-press as 
the triceps are the muscles that enable this movement.

There are three heads on your triceps and two heads on your biceps, 
so you should try and train in a way that you are able to isolate 
the triceps specifically in order to separate them. You should start
off your triceps workout with your strongest triceps movement like 
triceps extensions or close-grip bench-press.

The options on which exercises that you do for your triceps after 
the first big heavies that you do will depend on two things. The 
first is how many sets and reps you have already done in your 
workout. And the second is which are your weakest parts of your 
triceps that need developing.

There are movements like rope-pull-downs, cable pushdowns, cable 
triceps extensions, dumbbell kickbacks and many others will all be 
something that you could add onto your triceps workouts once you 
know exactly where your weak spots are on your triceps.

It is strongly recommended by the experts that you do the extreme 
triceps stretch at the end of each triceps workout. You do this by 
holding onto a bar like a squatting bar on a Smith machine and just 
lean into the stretch of your triceps by keeping your elbows 
together and leaning your bodyweight into the movement to feel the 

Exercises like the scull crusher and dips are wonderful movements 
that specifically isolate the triceps. It is certainly a good idea
to always be very aware of the constant need to change your routine, 
your sets and your reps to avoid slipping into that dreaded training
plateau where you stop getting stronger.

It also goes without saying here that in order to get bigger muscles 
you need to eat good quality protein on a regular basis otherwise 
you are just wasting your time and will soon be over training and 
not getting any results. 

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How To Get Huge Triceps Fast

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