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Good and Bad Exercises

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 5/2/2018

Good Versus Bad Exercises for Bodybuilding

Just because you doing some exercise does not always mean it's good for you. There are many examples, but we will start with lat-pulldowns. In the old days before sports science, beginners were instructed to pull the bar behind the neck. But since then science has discovered that it is a completely unnatural movement.

When your hands get level with your shoulder and you then start pulling the weight down even farther, the humerus is forced into an outward rotation pulling into downward position causing a de-stabilizing effect on the shoulder joint. Today instructors have learned not to insist on behind the neck.

There is good pain and bad pain when training. If you train with weights, then you will know that delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) feeling. That is the healthy repair of the muscles after they have been partly destroyed by training to the point of failure.

When the pain feels like it is coming from your bones or the connective tissue then you have one of the many stages of tendonitis. It usually comes along with some swelling and feels painful when stretched to full extension. This means an unhealthy pain and will be slowing down any possible improvement.

Another example that is not related to weight training would be aerobics or jogging or certain sports like squash or basketball. If the bone of the lower leg is put into withstanding full bodyweight impact on an increasing basis the bone responds by getting thicker where it's needed most.

However, it is during this process that the bone starts splitting with hairline fractures called shin splints, which can lead to stress fracture if the movement is not changed or halted completely. During the late 1980's aerobics instructors doing the high-impact aerobics, popular at the time would, eventually all get shin splints.

Cartilage is found at the end of all the major bones, it is the very slippery white tissue that attaches itself to the bone. It is the smooth gliding motion of cartridge that enable any movement. However, in elderly people this smooth slippery stuff gets irritated from wear and tear and can become inflamed.

This causes pain from fluid build-up in the joint and swelling. If the movement causing this problem is continued, then function could be severely affected. There are a number of different ways to treat this pain, swelling of ligaments. The first and most obvious is to stop doing the movement when it hurts.

If it hurts, then don't do it, sounds simple enough but a competitive bodybuilder or some athlete motivated to compete does not take this advice seriously. The second option would be to use ice on the affected joint for about 20 minutes. The third would be to maintain full range of motion before it starts to cease up completely.

The last option is medication, there are countless over-the-counter variations to treat pain and inflammation. Be careful to not rely on them as they can become addictive and certainly do no good to your kidneys trying to process the poison. The awareness of all your connective tissue should be at the back of the mind when doing any and all movements.

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