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Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 11/4/2020

Good Carbohydrates vs Bad Carbohydrates

Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs

If you are searching for some information regarding losing fat and diets, you will definitely come across the endless battle between the good carbs versus bad carbs. Huge numbers of articles are written on this subject and many people have either cut out carbohydrates from their diets or have really cut them low. This article will really help you to clear up the difference about the good carbohydrates vs bad carbohydrates battle.

Because of some of the information being falsely spread around about "no carbs" in respect to "low carbs", a majority of the people took this thing as the enemy of nutrition and started a war against all carbs. It is essential that the dietitians should stop this false information being spread around, because it is not as difficult to lose fat if you have a strong mind set to it. The results came out were only short term and regrettably numbers of individual's health were effected in negative manner.

Carbohydrates, fat, fiber and protein are the essential elements on our diets. Particularly, our body gives preference to carbohydrates which works as fuel in our body. This is the reason that many peoples who follow no carbohydrates diets quickly feel fatigued without sufficient energy levels. For our bodies, there are many types of fuel as compared to cars. You have the choice to use regular gas, higher octane or oil and also take account of kerosene oil and fuel used for airplanes. It is up to our body to choose the best supplement for fuel and it is our responsibility to provide our body the best quality. The finest qualities of carbs are generally those which are processed less, whole grain products. Bad qualities of carbs are the processed type like white spaghetti, white bread, sugar and so on.

If you are using the whole grain products like oat meal, whole grain pasta, mentioning just few, your body will work more swiftly, much healthier and with minimum residues. But, you will soon begin to malfunction if you are heavily relying on sugar and whites. Good carbs versus bad carbs battle should end with the use of more whole grain products in our diets rather than the more processed carbohydrates.

Every different type of carbs have its own importance, this doesn't mean that never to use bad carbs and be banned forever (actually it couldn't happen because we are human and sometimes crave junk food, deserts, etc). It is not necessary to always choose between good carbs and the bad carbs - instead use both of them accordingly.

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