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Green Smoothie Benefits

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 6/29/2022

The Benefits of Green Smoothies

The benefits of drinking green smoothies it is their high nutrient content. Most green smoothies are made with healthy vegetables and fruit, which supply a natural source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Most people are familiar with the composition of the smoothie.

In general, you take any combination of fruit, place it in a blender, and pulverize it into liquid form.

Optional ingredients include anything from milk to ice.

Sometimes honey, yogurt or other sweeteners are used.

The combinations are literally endless, and only the taste buds know the limits.

The chief quality of a smoothie is that the ingredients are crushed, rather than being juiced or strained.

This leaves the fiber intact and includes it in the final drink.

The Green Smoothie adds the distinction of making green vegetables its chief component.

The greens are usually somewhere around fifty percent of the main ingredients.

Fruit and sweeteners are kept in the blend to offset the generally bitter taste of raw vegetables.

Since vegetables carry even more vitamins and minerals then fruits (and far fewer calories), these drinks have become a staple for people interested in good health and strength training.

Smoothie History

The smoothie first made its appearance around 1930.

The name 'smoothie' appeared shortly thereafter.

As mentioned earlier, the drink is a product of the invention of the blender.

Fountain shops and small stores made it a part of their repertoire in the 60's.

In the 1970's and 80's branded businesses popped up, until the drink became a common fixture.

Almost since the beginning, some version of the green smoothie variety was present.

Green smoothies now have as many iterations as their fruity counterparts, with athletes and fitness buffs playing a huge part in their rise in popularity.

How Does The Green Smoothie Help Lose Fat?

Ingredients are the real reason Green Smoothies help with weight loss.

Some of the many variations include avocados, berries, cayenne pepper and coconut oil. Spinach is a popular ingredient, as is celery, kale, cucumbers, and parsley.

Ingredients like these give green smoothies their characteristic color.

While many associate the green hue with vegetable juice, it's now an indicator of a fresh new taste, that can be as nutritious as it is delicious.

Smoothies follow the general rules of thumb other foods and beverages do: what you put in, is what you get out.

Without adding fat or needless sugar, the green smoothie is lower on calories.

Most green smoothie makers suggest you start with fewer green vegetables, so you get accustomed to the new bitter taste slowly.

Other suggestions include:

1. Experimenting

Try different combinations until you come up with blends that work for you, both in terms of nutrition and taste.

2. Make Your Smoothie A Meal

Add ingredients that have substance, such as heavy vegetables, healthy fats and even the right powdered supplements.

3. Remove Hard Items That Don't Digest

These include seeds and pits, as well as hulls or skins that traditionally are more coverings than they are skins.

4. Drink Your Smoothie Immediately

Smoothies are freshest just after they're made.

Though they retain a lot of nutritional value when stored, it's nothing like what you get if you drink it right after it's been made.

If you keep the sugar and fat at a minimum, a green smoothie gives you nutrition without an excess of calories.

This inevitably leads to weight loss, assuming you have a reasonably active lifestyle.

If you cut white flower and grains from your diet and increase the amount of fiber you'll ultimately lose fat.

Keep in mind that diet and exercise remain the undisputed champs for weight loss and healthy living.

Are There Any Dangers To Green Smoothie Use?

An often reported side effect of concentrating on green smoothies is the build-up of alkaloids.

Heavy leafy green diets often result in that increase.

This outcome can be avoided by switching up the type of vegetables in the smoothie.

Different leafy greens, or other vegetables altogether, carry different concentrations when combined in a smoothie.

Changing every few weeks, especially in conjunction with the natural growing season, usually takes care of the alkaloid problem.

Another issue is the build-up of oxalates.

These substances produce an acid that can lead to kidney stones.

People with high risk should monitor their intake.

As stated earlier, avoiding excess fats and sweets is also suggested.

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