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Grip Workout

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 9/13/2017

Hand Gripper Workout Routine

You can get in a great workout for your hands and forearms with weights via things like the deadlift, farmer's walk, and wrist curls. And you can supplement that work with some tough hand grip workouts as well. Hand gripper workouts are quite handy because they can be done almost anywhere, places like sitting in the car at a stoplight, at work, and at home.

Hand Grippers

Hand grippers come in all types of styles and in different strength configurations as well. Over time you may find it beneficial to have a couple of different strength level hand grippers - one for when you are starting out, and one for when you gain more strength in your grip.

You can work the gripper for both speed and endurance. For speed, you can fire off as many reps as possible with the gripper. If you have two grippers, you can do them at the same time with each hand, or alternate them back and forth, going as fast as you can.

For the next set, move the gripping action at a moderate speed, but still aim for going as far as you can. Your hands and forearms will get a real burn with this move.

Finally, you can squeeze the grip shut and hold it shut for as long as possible. Note how long you have held the gripper, and then try to exceed it in each follow up workout.

Perform several sets of these exercises. And more. You can get in sets throughout the day and overall add up to quite a few sets and reps total. The forearms can handle a higher level of stimulation.

Performing the hand gripper every other day is a good approach, giving one day of rest between the gripper workouts.

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