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Hanging Leg Raises

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 7/29/2020

Hanging Leg Raises for Abs

Hanging Leg Raises

I seem to have a love / hate relationship with hanging leg raises.  If you are not sure what hanging leg raises are, I will get into them in this post.  The reason why I have a love / hate relationship with hanging leg raises is that they beat my core and abs up every time to where it hurts to move and laugh.  The pain is a good pain I must say but man, they seriously kick my butt to the point where I can't do many exercises the next day.  Lets get into hanging leg raises, and I will also give you some variations of them to really blast your abs.

How To Get The Most Out Of Hanging Leg Raises

There are a lot of different variations of hanging leg raises.  You can have your legs bent and roll your knees up to your armpits, you can do straight leg and bring your legs as high as they possibly will go, you can do a half circle motion to target your entire core, and so on.  After trying every possible variation of hanging leg raises, I have come to the conclusion that simple is best.  You have to grab onto a bar high enough to where you can extend your arms and legs fully and not be able to touch the ground.  The most effective way to do hanging leg raises is the fully extended legs. Hanging leg raises really help develop the deep abs meaning they are very defined and toned.

Variations of Hanging Leg Raises

I touched a bit on these earlier.  If you are just starting out with hanging leg raises then I suggest having your legs bent and rolling your knees up to your chin.  This will help you develop the strength needed to eventually the straight leg version.  The other variation that blasts your core is the half circle version.  For this you can have your legs bent or fully extended.  Start with your legs up in the middle then swing your knees or toes (depending on if you are bent legs or extended legs) to the left, then swing them to the right, then back to center.  Doing these two hanging leg raises alone for 5 sets of 10-15 will beat your core up well.  You can also include the running in place variation.  As you hang, simple act like you are running.

Other Tips For Hanging Leg Raises

When you first start doing these it will be hard on your hands, shoulders, and arms actually if you hang long enough. So use padding or gloves to help your hands, and over time you will get stronger so that your shoulders and arms are able to take more.  You can also bend your arms as well if you want to get a little isometric back rep in as well.  Simply put, hanging leg raises are one of the most effective core exercises you could ever do.

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