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Hard Work vs Genetics

Most People Fail To Work 50% of Their Muscle Tissue!

Did you know that even bodybuilders neglect half the muscle tissue in the body?

It doesn't take rocket science to build bigger muscles. However, it does take a certain knowledge and application of that knowledge in the gym and in your diet.

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 1/9/2019

Genetics vs Hard Work Bodybuilding

Hard work will always beat talent whenever talent fails to work hard. In fact this phenomenon has now been extensively researched where they found that the value of 10,00 hours of study or practice would always produce better results than just talent.

If we take this argument to bodybuilding, or even just getting into great shape, "talent" would be your genetic gift that you inherited from your parents. If you were fortunate enough to have a naturally lean body that gains muscle quickly then having this talent/gift will not make you a good bodybuilder, you only have good potential to be a bodybuilder.

Sitting on your couch watching re-runs of bodybuilding competitions will not get you onstage placing first in a show. The ONLY thing that will put muscle on your body, no matter what genetic gift you were born with, is HARD WORK. Unfortunately some bodybuilders think that taking steroids and training once a week will build muscle.

When it comes to a sport like bodybuilding the amount of muscle you carry on your frame is directly related to your hard work and not your genetic gift at gaining muscle. Just like a doctor or a lawyer it has taken 10,000 hours for them to get the qualifications and any top professional bodybuilder has also trained for 10,000 hours.

Over the last 50 years since bodybuilding first started as a recognized sport there have been a number of very successful professional bodybuilders that were not genetically gifted. The hard won bodybuilding titles that these bodybuilders attained came from hard work and not some miraculous genetic gift or some magic steroid.

The ability of any aspiring bodybuilder to never miss a training day and always to push for maximum intensity comes from motivation and inspiration.

Psychologists have suggested that when any non-genetically gifted person attempts a task without seeing any results from their efforts year after year they will give up and quit trying as their inspiration gets less and less. But there is also living proof that hard-gainers can become professional bodybuilders.

There is an overlooked characteristic which directly influences any motivation to engage in a deliberate practice and that is inspiration. When people become inspired to realize a future image of themselves with clarity and a strong belief this vision becomes attainable as it goes beyond the expected norm of what psychologists expect from us.

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