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Healthy Eating on the Road

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 7/19/2017

How to Eat Healthy Even When Traveling

Whether you travel often for your work or just taking holidays we all know that we are what we eat and healthy living and eating is much more difficult when on the road. Just like your training it takes planning and thinking about where you stop, stopping at a fast-food takeout will only get you junk food.

We already know that eating any junk food leaves you bloated, depleted and tired so the importance of making correct food choices when travelling is vitally important. Eating more often and drinking plenty of water is required wherever you might be.

Eating healthy unprocessed foods is difficult at the best of times so when travelling it becomes that much more difficult and requires a bit of planning. For example instead of stopping at a fast food place stop at the grocery store and buy some fruit, nuts, pumpkin seeds or a bag of carrots and some hummus.

Healthy eating only comes from planning ahead because if you sit down to a large meal, even if the calories are healthy, it will send your brain a message that leaner times must be coming so the large meal calories get stored as fat. Which is why eating too much at once makes you sleepy and sluggish.

Eating protein stabilizes your blood-sugar levels so it is always recommended that you eat protein snacks throughout the day. Simple foods like peanuts, jerky, hummus or whole grain bread with some nut butter or a corn tortilla with beans, there are many options when on the road.

If you spend a bit of time preparing for being on the road you will be able to make sure that you stay healthy and get your body humming correctly and mind in sync and throughout the day. Preparing snacks like yoghurt, almonds, raw vegetables and berries, fresh or dried fruit, or hard-boiled eggs, the choices are countless.

Try to always avoid the "feel bad" foods which ironically are usually the foods you crave, after which you always feel sick or depleted. When you are on the road, it's essential to try avoid foods that will drain your energy or deflate your mood. The feel bad foods are all high glycemic foods or simple carbohydrates like sugary snacks, fruit juices, sodas and all refined grain products.

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