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Most People Fail To Work 50% of Their Muscle Tissue!

Did you know that even bodybuilders neglect half the 
muscle tissue in the body?

It doesn't take rocket science to build bigger muscles.  
However, it does take a certain knowledge and application 
of that knowledge in the gym and in your diet.

And the Truth is, the Sooner You Act, the Sooner Your 
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     Fitness Tips For 10/19/2016

High Density Training Workouts

Building dense muscles comes from the type of workout you employ. You can target areas of your body for density demanding training. Arms The best way to build dense arms is to work the brachialis muscles. This will add dense thickness to both the upper and lower arm areas. How do you work the brachialis? Any lift with the hands facing out, such as in a reverse grip chin-up, will work the brachialis. Perform 3 sets of reverse grip chin-ups for 8 reps per set Perform 3 sets of reverse grip curls for 8 reps per set Upper Torso You can add nice density to your upper torso by working your rear deltoids with some heavy duty lifting of the bent lateral raise. Note you don't have to keep your arms straight on this movement go ahead and allow them to bend. This will let you use very heavy weight loads. Perform 3 sets of bend dumbbell lateral raises for 8 reps per set Legs The stiff leg deadlift is often thought of as an upper body movement but it also works the legs particularly the hamstrings and builds nice density there. Perform 4 sets of 10 repetitions of the stiff-leg deadlift. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
High Density Training Workouts

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