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High Intensity Chest Workout

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 8/28/2019

High Intensity Training Chest Workout

These 5 Overlooked HIT Methods Will Make Your Chest Swell

Not much makes you feel more powerful or more like a man than strutting around with a big, strong chest.

The irony of pec training, though, is that, despite the fact so many guys spend more time on the bench than anywhere else in the gym, very few have really good chest development.

The problem is usually a combination of poor form and suspect exercise selection, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

These five overlooked high-intensity training methods can help build the chest you want.

Try Pre-Exhaust

A lot of times, trainees have trouble feeling their chest muscles working, and that’s a road to flat pecs. To combat this and to keep your triceps and shoulders from taking over, you can try pre-exhaustion.

Set up your bench press with less weight than you would normally use for 10 reps — maybe 30% less as a trial.

Now, perform a set of dumbbell flyes to failure and then move immediately to the bench press and rep out.

The flyes target your chest directly, and then when you move to the compound move — bench press — you should get a real pump and burn in your pecs.

Get Negative

The negative, or eccentric, part of each rep is thought by many experts to be responsible for most muscle growth. When you just drop the bar to your chest, like you see many guys doing, you miss out on HUGE mass-boosting stimulation.

Instead, try lowering the weight in 5 seconds and then pushing smoothly out of the bottom, returning to the top of the rep in 1-3 seconds.

Be Progressive

Assuming that you use good form and can feel your chest working, you need to make sure that your workouts are progressive if you want to grow.

Set a rep goal for each exercise and use it as your barometer. When you hit the goal with a certain weight, bump up the load next time around. That will lower your reps a bit, and then you build up again, trying to add reps or weight each time you lift.

Turn DOWN the Volume

Guys love to train chest, and that leads many of us to OVERtrain chest. Even if you aren’t following HIT, there is no reason to do several sets each of four or five different movements the way many bodybuilders do.

At the very most, you should be doing one or two sets of a two or three exercises. In most cases, just ONE set of two exercises — a press and a flye — will allow you to focus and train intensely enough to make gains.

Do your work, then get out of the gym.

Perfect Your Form

Especially if you can’t feel your pecs working, slow down and really concentrate on your chest during each rep. When training chest, you should contract your upper back muscles and squeeze your shoulder blades together.

This starting point provides a firm base for pressing and ALSO elevates your chest so that it’s in a strong position from a mechanical standpoint.

As you lower the bar to your chest, keep your back and shoulders tight, and focus on feeling your pecs expand as you push your sternum forward. Use a slow, smooth turnaround at the bottom and imagine your pecs bunching up to squeeze an imaginary marble in the center of your chest at the top of the rep.

Putting It All Together

Chest training doesn’t have to be complicated or tedious to work. Perfect your form, add weight and/or reps where possible, and get plenty of rest.

Do all of those things right, and your chest will be popping buttons off your shirts in no time.

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