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High Intensity Muscle Building Workouts

Product Reviewed: Pumped Extreme - Kre-Alkalyn Complex Creatine
Rating: 5 Star
Reviewer: Max Mussello

Out of all the Creatine's I've tried, from powdered monohydrate creatine to fancy sounding pre-made stacks, this Kre-Alkylyn complex called Pumped Extreme is hands down the best ever. The first part of this creatine review will be a Pumped Extreme Review, because it is the best creatine supplement that I have ever tried and it has given me the most muscular gains!

Having a sensitive stomach and an aversion to putting chemicals or anything unnatural in my body, this was like a miracle solution for me! Pumped Extreme comes in a capsule format, and you can avoid all the common side effects associated with traditional creatine use such as cramping, diarrhea, indigestion, anxiety attacks, etc. This was my experience anyway, and I cannot tell you that creatine works like illegal steroids, because it doesn't. I can tell you though that I have used many different brands in the past with minimal results, and now that I have used Pumped Extreme I have actually seen some great gains in strength AND muscle SIZE, and I haven't had any negative side affects! I have used it for over a month and a half to date!

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 7/28/2021

How to do High Intensity Workouts for Muscle Building

High Intensity Muscle Building Workouts

If you want to incite an argument amongst your closest meathead friends, invite them for a workout and then announce the superiority of high-intensity training, or HIT.

Ever since Arthur Jones laid the foundation of HIT with his Nautilus machines in the early 1970s, lifters have been arguing the merits of HIT.

Detractors say it’s a lazy man’s way to a crappy physique, while the most ardent supports claim HIT is the only training method you need.

Could that be true? Could you use HIT as your only workout for the rest of your training career?

Let’s take a look.

How NOT to Use HIT for the Long Haul

The usual recommendations for constructing an HIT program are as follows:

The quickest way to burn out on HIT is to follow this advice to the letter and jump full-bore into a routine that includes three weekly sessions of squats, stiff-leg deadlifts, calf raises, bent rows, chins, bench press, curls, dips, barbell curls, and crunches.

Never change your exercises, and keep pounding away to add a fraction of a pound or half a rep with each exercise every time you hit the gym.

Welcome to HIT disillusion.

How to Tailor HIT for Long-Term Use

What many folks don’t seem to realize about those original HIT “rules” is that they’re really just guidelines to help you step away from the high-volume, low-result routines used by professional bodybuilders and fans who are wannabe professional bodybuilders. The HIT principles of Jones and Dr. Ellington Darden provided a solid framework, but they are not stone tablets than can never be changed.

If you’re willing to think critically about your own program, you can make HIT work much better and for a much longer period of time. Here are some tips to help:

Be open to change, and keep an eye on your motivation levels. Most of all, realize that the main benefit of HIT is to give you a solid template to follow, but it’s as malleable as your imagination will allow.

Change HIT to fit your needs and physique, and you can milk it for a very long time.

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